This Crazy Fan Will Keep Your House Cool All Summer Long

It will cost you a mere fraction of what your air conditioner is costing you!

When the summer heat finally arrives, it seems like the only solution to for those muggy days is the air conditioner. However, you may be shocked to know that air conditioners aren’t the only solution to cooling down your house in the summer. In fact, this other solution will even help you save money in the long run! So what is this magical contraption? Why it’s a whole house fan!

Ever heard of it? If you haven’t, you may just want to hop on this cooling solution this summer! It will use 90 percent less energy than your air conditioner while also cooling down your entire house. Yes, it actually is possible. Yes, it really does exist. And yes, you can make the switch ASAP.

Whole house fans can work either as a pre-chiller before you throw on that AC or simply as your source of cooling. A pre-chiller may seem silly to have at first, but if you really think about it, it’s actually kind of genius. Having a cooler house means your AC will have to work less to initially cool down your property. That means saving energy and money in the long run. Win, win.

Here’s how they work: When the air outside is cooler, kick that fan on. Open up the doors and windows to bring in that cool, summer breeze so it can circulate around the house. It will draw in the cold air and push out the hot air. When you start to approach the hottest parts of the day, shut all of the doors and windows to keep the cool air in.

The most important thing to note about whole house fans is keeping the doors and windows open during use. If you don’t, the fan may cause gas-burning appliances to backdraft exhaust fumes and carbon monoxide into your home. So it’s important to have sources of fresh air swooping into your house while that fan is on.

The other downside to a whole house fan is how it cannot dehumidify. If you’re in a humid region, solely having a whole house fan may not be the best solution to cooling your house. Having an air conditioner to accompany your fan will help with keeping that extra moisture outside of your walls.

Now if you are using an air conditioner, just make sure to be cleaning it as much as possible. You can do so by trying this nifty trick. Cleaning it will actually help to double the life of your air conditioner.

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