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Dreo Tower Fan Review: This New Smart Fan Keeps You Cool While Purifying the Air

With an infant in a bedside bassinet, I need a fan that keeps the room cool and purifies the air. Here’s my honest review of the all-new Dreo 2-in-1 Tower Fan.

Coleman Camp Stove Review: From a Vanlifer’s Perspective

I bought the Coleman Cascade 3-in-1 Camp Stove before moving into a converted van, and I use it almost daily.

Effortless Power Backup: Introducing the EcoFlow DELTA Pro 3

EcoFlow’s DELTA Pro 3 portable power station is...

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How To Clean Refrigerator Coils

Cleaning refrigerator coils frequently ensures your appliance operates smoothly. Here's how.

I Tried the Gladiator Refrigerator in My Garage, and Here Are My Unfiltered Thoughts

Is the Gladiator Refrigerator the best choice for a garage fridge? One homeowner tested it, and he has thoughts.

Appliances Looking Worn Out? Here’s an Easy Fix

Give old, yellowed handles a fresh, new look.

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Rusty Washing Machine Hose Got You Stuck? Here’s the Easiest Way to Remove it

You'll have those rusty hoses off in just a few minutes.

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How To Clean a Refrigerator

If you notice any lingering odors or spills, it's time for a thorough refrigerator clean out to freshen things up.

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How To Clean an Ice Maker

Here's how to clean an ice maker and change the ice maker filter.

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How To Clean a Dishwasher Filter and Spray Arm

Clogged spray arms and infrequent dishwasher filter cleaning can lead to poor performance and costly repairs.

How To Clean a Dryer Vent

A clean dryer vent is a vital part of home maintenance and safety. Here's the process.

5 Best Electric Composters to Turn Food Into Fertilizer

Convert food waste into nutrient-rich soil with the best electric composters.

Why Is My Garbage Disposal Humming?

Discover reasons behind your humming, yet inactive garbage disposal with this troubleshooting guide.

Midea Dehumidifier Review: A Game Changer in North Carolina Humidity

The Midea dehumidifier helped this native northerner survive the humid summers months in the South. Here's why I recommend it...

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8 Things You Can Do to Help Avoid Refrigerator Repairs

These maintenance steps will prevent most refrigerator breakdowns.

5 Best Dishwasher Brands to Invest In, According to Experts

Our appliance experts came together to find the best dishwasher brand for those looking for a reliable machine. See their other...

Black Friday Specials: Top 13 Washer and Dryer Set Deals

Take a load off with these washer and dryer sales. Black Friday/Cyber Monday is the best time to save on...

Are Front Loading Washing Machines Better Than Top Loaders?

Washing machines spark more debates than any other appliance. Strong feelings abound on both sides. So are you a front...

5 Most Reliable Washer Dryer Brands, According to Appliance Repair Techs

Wondering about the most reliable brands of washers and dryers? Check out the top 5 recommended by experts.

What To Know About the New Energy Standards for Cooking Products

The U.S. Department of Energy recently finalized new standards for cooking equipment. Does your stove make the grade? Find out...

6 Best Small Dehumidifiers to Fight Dampness, Tested and Reviewed

We put the best small dehumidifiers to the test in the humid U.S. South. Here's which ones provided the most...

Why Are Your Dishwasher Pods Not Dissolving?

Get the most out of your dishwasher pods with expert troubleshooting tips.

Can Stainless Steel Go In the Dishwasher?

We spoke to experts to understand when it's OK, and when it's best to stick with handwashing.

4 Emergency Substitutes for Dishwasher Detergent

Out of dishwasher detergent? We've got you covered!

I Tried the Halo Pizza Oven, and It Made Restaurant-Quality Pizza at Home

A native New Yorker put the Halo Pizza Oven to the test to see if it could give him a...

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How To Use a Dishwasher Properly

Need some help with this kitchen staple? Our experts explain the right way to load and run a dishwasher.

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How To Replace a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Tired of the noise your bathroom fan makes? Install a new one in a few hours without ripping up the...

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What Is a Dishwasher Air Gap and Why Is It Important?

Some dishwashers are installed with an air gap, and some aren't. We'll explain what an air gap is, what it...

5 Most Reliable Refrigerator Brands, According to Repair Techs

We spoke with three appliance experts to find the most reliable refrigerator brands. We also asked them for their favorite...

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I Tried It: My Honest Bissell Little Green Review

Messes are inevitable, especially in a home with kids, pets and gardeners. We found a way to make...

I Tried the NuWave OxyPure Air Purifier and Noticed Less Dust Around My House

Curious about all the hype around air purifiers? We tested one popular model that purifies over 2,500 square...