This Highly Rated At-Home Sauna Is 50% Off

Updated: Dec. 04, 2023

Turn any bathroom or porch into a spa with the easy-to-install Almost Heaven sauna—it's on sale!

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Okay, I’ll admit it—most of the reason I pay for a gym membership is have access to a sauna. But I’m positive I’m not the only person. After all, where else can you go to steam out a week’s worth of stress, relieve sore muscles after a workout or quietly contemplate life?

Despite my obsession with home saunas, I was always under the impression that they were expensive and difficult to assemble. However, that all changed when I heard about the Almost Heaven sauna from Wayfair. This inexpensive sauna has it all: it’s priced reasonably, seems simple to assemble and looks incredibly luxe.

What is the Almost Heaven sauna?

The Almost Heaven sauna is a DIY barrel sauna kit for residential backyards, home gyms and bathrooms. Barrel saunas are exactly what they sound like. They’re made from interlocking wooden planks and metal rings that resemble a wine barrel when assembled.

In particular, the Almost Heaven sauna appeals to DIYers due to the ease of setup and superior quality. This dry sauna is big enough for two people, which means one person can enjoy a spacious setup inside. At 6’x4′, it’s still compact enough to fit on a porch or inside a sizable home gym.

A Harvia 4.5kW electric heater achieves temperatures of up to 185°F in 45-60 minutes. Just set the dial ahead of time—it boasts a delayed start option—and settle in for a blissful night. Verdict? This Sales Editor might just have to make the splurge on this home sauna kit!

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How To Use It

Using the sauna is easy after setup. First, set your desired temperature on the included heater and choose between an instant or delayed start. It’s recommended to start at lower temperatures if you’re new to saunas. Sauna veterans can start at their preferred temperature.

Next, take a shower. Cleaning off before using the sauna boosts the benefits of the treatment. Plus, being slightly damp can prevent the heat from over-drying the skin. Instead of wearing clothing, opt for a bathing suit or wrap a towel around your body.

Now, enjoy your time in the sauna! Beginners should start with no more than 15 minutes at a time to prevent dehydration. For a calming burst of steam, sprinkle a little water on the heater stones. Afterward, shower, hydrate and refrain from intense activities. Remember, you just forced yourself to sweat quite a bit—it’s important to treat your body with care.

Sauna Accessories

How to Assemble Almost Heaven Saunas

  1. Measure out the two cradle bases and place them the correct width apart on a level surface.
  2. Assemble the wooden staves onto the cradle base, ensuring that the drain stave is in the center and the inner groove cuts line up.
  3. Measure the ends of the staves, ensuring that there is an equal amount of hangover on either side of the cradles.
  4. Add the back panel, balancing it in the groove cuts.
  5. Ensure everything lines up, then use a drill to fasten the staves to the bases.
  6. Add the door end of the sauna just as you did the back panel, making sure it’s perpendicular.
  7. Install the remaining staves in an arch pattern by tapping the staves together with a mallet. The result will look similar to a barrel. The top staves may need to be installed from inside the sauna.
  8. Place and install the bands around the sauna to keep the staves securely fastened together.
  9. Attach the finishing touches, including the benches and the door handle.
  10. Add the light fixture and sauna heater—we recommend hiring a licensed electrician to install them.

The brand also has an incredible how-to video that details exactly how to set up and operate their saunas. It’s available on their YouTube channel and embedded below.

How to Install a Roof on an Almost Heaven Sauna

It’s recommended to practice winterizing on outdoor barrel saunas in order to maintain them year-round. A few ways around this include applying a sauna sealer (or waterproof wood sealer), affixing a heavy-duty tarp to the top of the sauna and installing a roof. Roofing a sauna is similar to roofing a house, and there are just as many ways to do it.

Explore the different types of roofing—including metal roofs, shingles and other residential roofing materials—to find the best installation tips.

What Reviewers Are Saying

Reviewers on Wayfair marvel at the ease of installation and superior performance of this DIY sauna. “This little barrel sauna is the best purchase of my life,” writes verified purchaser Erin. “Truly recommend Almost Heaven, the quality of the cedar wood is great, the Harvia heater is amazing and a year later we’re so happy with it.”

Where to Buy the Almost Heaven Sauna

Almost Heaven Saunas Salem 2 Person Traditional Steam Sauna In Cedar Ecomm Wayfair.comVia merchant

The Almost Heaven Sauna normally retails for around $9,000 on Wayfair, but during this rare summer sale, shoppers can snag it for 50% off. That puts the price at only $4,500—well below the average cost of a home sauna at $6,000-$11,000. Cancel that gym membership and start steaming today right from the comfort of your home—you deserve it.

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