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Filter for Your Shop Vac Filter

Protect your shop vacuum filter from large debris by adding this one layer.

The Greatest Shop Tip in History

Grab the leaf blower to take care of a dirty shop vacuum filter and clean it up in a short...

Drum-Sander Dust Collector

Capture the dust that flies off a sanding drum before it fills your shop and lungs! All you need is...

Upgrading Your Garage Workshop

Five great garage improvements that don't cost a fortune

DIY Dust Filter for Your Workshop Fan

My workshop doesn’t have air conditioning, and it gets pretty hot while I'm working.

Shop Vacuum Hack for Your Inflatables

Don't have an air compressor to blow up air mattresses or pool toys? If you have a shop vacuum, you're...

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How to Double Your Battery Life

Here's a tip for making lithium tool batteries last twice as long. Most kits come with two batteries. Take one...

Box Seats for Box Fans

To position a box fan at “just this height” or “just that angle”without risk of disaster, take a half hour...

10 Real-Life Wood Workbench Plans and Inspiration Photos

Fan Spotlight: These readers shared photos of their completed garage workbenches, many of which were built using our plans! Scroll...