Exhaust and Ventilation Fans

Squashing smoke, steam and odors is never a concern if you have a quality exhaust or ventilation fan.

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How To Replace a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Tired of the noise your bathroom fan makes? Install a new one in a few hours without ripping up the ceiling or walls.

I Tried the AirHood Portable Kitchen Air Cleaner and It’s Life Changing

Reduce grease, smoke, odors and oils in the kitchen with the portable AirHood cleaner.

The 8 Best Range Hoods for Your Kitchen

Having the right range hood makes cooking a breeze. Check out the best models for every budget and style.

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How To Clean a Bathroom Fan

Here’s the plan — don’t neglect the fan.

The 8 Best Bathroom Fans to Keep Your Powder Room Dry

Keep air circulating, humidity down and mold at bay with these bathroom fans.

45 Kitchen Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

Your kitchen will never function better if you avoid these common mistakes.

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Recognizing and Correcting Common Bath Fan Problems

A bath fan that isn’t installed properly can cause more damage than no fan at all. But here’s the good...

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Home Air Cooling Tips

Six strategies for keeping your home cool

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How to Install a Roof Vent

Vent an exhaust fan the correct way— through a roof hood.

New Kitchen Venting: How to Install a Kitchen Fan Vent

Use rigid duct with insulated duct sleeve for an oven exhaust fan.

The Best Way to Clean a Greasy Kitchen Range Hood Filter

The standard way to clean the filter from a kitchen exhaust fan is to stick it in the dishwasher.

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How to Repair a Bathroom Fan

Replace a dead motor and improve air flow

How to Install a Bathroom Fan

Replace your old, noisy bath fan with a quiet, energy-efficient model

Fix a Noisy Bathroom Fan

Easy fix for an annoying exhaust fan

What Is Bathroom Exhaust Fan and How Does It Work?

This little-known appliance keeps your bathroom dry and odor-free. Models are available that mount in the ceiling, a wall or...