The 8 Best Range Hoods for Your Kitchen

Having the right range hood makes cooking a breeze. Check out the best models for every budget and style.

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Cafe Smart Over The Range Microwave OvenVIA MERCHANT

Range hoods are one of the hardest-working appliances in any kitchen. Designed to hang over stovetops, the best range hoods suck away smoke and draw heat out of your home through a vent, or filter the air and recycle it back into your space once it’s been purified.

Besides removing smoke and unpleasant cooking smells, range hoods remove moisture, which prevents warping and fights grimy build-up on surrounding cabinetry. The best range hoods remove air pollutants, too.

Which Range Hood Brand Is Best?

There are a dizzying number of range hoods on the market, from vented to ductless range hoods. To choose the model that’s right for you, start gathering inspiration. Browse magazines or look online for kitchen remodeling ideas and range hood cover ideas. Think about how to install a range hood and how to clean a range hood, too.

To narrow down your options, consider the following:

  • Kitchen and stove size: To determine whether you’ll need a compact, standard or custom range hood
  • Type: Wall-mounted, under-cabinet or overhead
  • Material: Metal, wood, tempered glass, etc.
  • Ducted, vent-free or convertible options: Before purchasing, check where your duct is located.
  • Up- or downdraft: Updraft hoods suck air into a vent that typically emits outside, while downdraft hoods pull air down into your cabinetry, filter it and recirculate it into your home.
  • CFM: Cubic feet per minute, the rate at which the hood suctions air up
  • Fan noise: Anything above 40 dBa is considered audible.
  • Price: Range hoods can run anywhere from $70 to $1,500 and up.
  • Special features: Timers, replaceable range hood filters, smart capabilities, etc.
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Hauslane Chef 30 In Ducted Stainless Steel Undercabinet Range Hood
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Best Overall Range Hood

Hauslane Chef Ducted Stainless Steel Undercabinet Range Hood

The Hauslane Under-Cabinet Range Hood has everything you could ask for in a range hood: moderate price, contemporary look that works well with most kitchen colors and 30-inch size that won’t overwhelm your space. It offers top-notch suction and six different fan speeds. In fact, the lowest mode registers at 42dBa—quiet enough to have a conversation while it’s running. Special features include cooktop LEDs, three dampers, an oil tray and a two-year warranty.


  • Quality materials and features at an affordable price
  • Six different fan speeds
  • Versatile venting system with three duct adapter options
  • Easy-to-clean, dishwasher-safe baffled filters


  • Only available in two standard sizes

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Broan 30 In Ductless Stainless Steel Undercabinet Range Hood With Charcoal Filter
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Best Budget Range Hood

Broan Ductless Undercabinet Range Hood

Don’t be fooled by the Broan Undercabinet Range Hood‘s reasonable price. In addition to three finish options, it has two fan speeds and a built-in charcoal filter that neutralizes odors without venting, making it one of the best range hoods available at its price point.

And because it doesn’t require a complicated air duct connection, you’ll save money on professional installation—put it in yourself with a few simple tools and spend the money you’ve saved on a showstopping tile backsplash or on unique kitchen cabinets.


  • Very affordable
  • Two fan speeds
  • Replaceable charcoal filter
  • Hemmed bottom for safety
  • Optional remote control meets ADA requirements


  • Takes only incandescent or halogen bulbs
  • Electrical cord not included

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Cafe Smart Over The Range Microwave Oven

Best Microwave/Range Hood Combo

Cafe Smart Over the Range Microwave Oven

The Cafe Smart Over the Range Microwave Oven has an impressive venting fan speed of 400 CFM—far exceeding most microwave/range hood combos on the market. A multitasker’s dream, it’s equipped with an innovative Chef Connect feature that automatically activates the vents and surface lights when you turn on a range element. It also conveniently syncs with your range clock—regardless of whether you have a gas or electric stove—and comes with an indicator light that alerts you when the filter needs to be replaced.


  • Smart microwave/range hood combo
  • Four fan speeds
  • Wi-Fi enabled with voice control
  • Convertible venting
  • Crisp, clear LED cooktop lighting


  • Notifications can be spotty

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Cosmo Island Mount Range Hood
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Best Range Hood for Islands

Cosmo Island Mount Range Hood

A discreet, cylindrical range hood with a tempered glass canopy, the Cosmo Island Mount Range Hood has a simple yet sophisticated design that could quite literally become the centerpiece of your kitchen. The top-vented hood features a luxurious, brushed stainless-steel finish and comes with a set of durable, dishwasher-safe filters that allow for good airflow while efficiently trapping grease particles.


  • Designed for kitchen islands
  • Height adjustable up to 47-1/4-inches
  • Soft-touch controls
  • ARC-FLOW reusable and washable filters
  • Back-draft damper


  • Designed to be installed on flat ceilings only
  • Lights aren’t dimmable

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Zline Kitchen & Bath Wall Mount Range Hood 36 In Convertible Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Range Hood With Charcoal Filter
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Best Convertible Range Hood

ZLine Kitchen & Bath Wall Mount Range Hood

Giving you the most flexibility and placement options, the pyramid-shaped ZLine Kitchen & Bath Wall Mount Range Hood offers the choice between an externally vented or recirculating (ductless) extractor unit. It also comes with fuss-free button controls and customizable accessories, like a matching gas cooktop or full-size gas stove.


  • Convertible design offers the option of vented or ductless
  • Rust, temperature and corrosion-resistant
  • Easy-to-use button controls
  • 3-year parts and lifetime motor warranty


  • Charcoal filters are sold separately
  • Fits standard, circular ductwork only

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Bertazzoni Wall Mount Convertible Range Hood
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Best Professional-Grade Range Hood

Bertazzoni Wall Mount Convertible Range Hood

For gourmands (and those aspiring to be), you’ll want to go for the high-performing and powerful Bertazzoni Wall Mount Convertible Range Hood. Steep as the price may be, the finely crafted, Italian-designed hood is worth the money. The chimney-style hood features three speeds plus a booster function with a maximum flow of 600 CFM from its internal blower. It pulls smoke and smells out of the air ultra-fast. And it’s sleek enough to complement any type of backsplash or cabinet design.


  • Extremely high quality materials and design
  • Fairly quiet even at maximum speed
  • Stainless-steel mesh filters
  • Telescoping duct cover
  • Convertible venting; choose between vented and ductless


  • Expensive, but worth the price for the quality
  • Not smart-capable

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Fotile Slant Vent Series 30 850 Cfm Under Cabinet Or Wall Mount Range Hood With 2 Led Lights And Touchscreen In Silver Grey Tempered Glass
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Best Wall-Mounted Range Hood

Fotile Slant Vent Under Cabinet or Wall Mount Range

With an unusual slanted profile made of sleek, tempered glass, the Fotile Slant Vent Under Cabinet or Wall Mount Range Hood is as handsome as it is efficient. Thanks to its cool and clever 90-degree angle, the quietly operating hood is side-drafted to capture and guide smoke and fumes upwards before they escape into the room. Also, the smooth touch screen control panel has a delay function, which means that it continues to filter air two minutes after you’ve finished cooking.

Five-star Walmart reviewer SouthDaddy writes, “At level three it is pulling air through the magnetic curtain over the kitchen door easily, and all the fumes from the cooktop get sucked clean.”


  • Sleek design works for wall mounts or under-cabinet placement
  • Modern look that matches minimalist cabinet hardware
  • Six square feet of coverage (four to five burners)
  • Double centrifugal fans ensure strong sucking power
  • Very quiet, especially on lowest setting


  • Vented only—cannot be converted to ductless
  • One of the heavier range hoods available
  • Pricey due to its special features

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Thor Kitchen 1200 Cfm 48 Inch Wide Wall Mounted Range Hood With Stainless Steel Baffle Filters
via merchant

Most Powerful Range Hood Exhaust

ThorKitchen Ducted Wall Mount Range Hood

With a whopping 1200 CPM of suction power, the ThorKitchen 48-Inch Ducted Wall Mount Range Hood is one of the strongest range hoods on the market. It has a commercial-style, 430-grade stainless steel baffle to optimize air purification and grease filtration. Push button controls make it easy to operate, too.

According to five-star Wayfair reviewer Aaron, “After burning some sausage last weekend, I can attest that it works well, and no one outside of the kitchen could even smell what was going on.”


  • Impressive 1200 CPM of suction power
  • Extra-large (7-inch) round duct opening
  • Comes with damper
  • Stainless steel extending hood cover for 10-ft. ceilings (sold separately)


  • The fan is a bit noisy
  • Duct cover not included

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