If You Haven’t Cleaned the Vents Above Your Stove, This Video Will Convince You That You Should

Updated: May 04, 2023

CleanTok strikes again!

Spring has sprung, which means it’s time for spring cleaning! While there’s plenty to do in the bathroom and the yard, one of the dirtiest places in your home is the kitchen. Cleaning the countertops, refrigerator and kitchen sink is all part of the classic springtime cleaning routine.

But have you ever thought about cleaning the vents above your stove? Many people forget about cleaning those little grates—also called “grease traps”—or don’t even know they can! However, keeping them clean can greatly reduce unwanted odors and fire hazards in the kitchen as well as promote proper air circulation. With that in mind, here’s how you can clean your own kitchen vents this spring.

How to Clean Kitchen Vents

Cleaning TikTok influencer Daily Cleaning Tips (@pdx_cleaning) shared a short video showing how they clean their kitchen vents. Check it out below.

@pdx_cleaning Maybe its Easy Off, maybe its the water pressure.. or maybe its maybelline 😜 #cleantok #satisfying #cleaningtip ♬ Smoked out Phonk – TREVASPURA

First, they remove the vents. Their vents are on the bottom of a microwave situated above their stove; yours could be attached to a cabinet or kitchen hood. Once removed, they put them in the sink and spray them with Easy Off Heavy-Duty Oven Cleaner. We also love Dawn Powerwash. Let the spray cleaner rest for 5 minutes, then rinse it off (for maximum satisfaction, use a spray nozzle). Ta-da: shiny, clean, safe kitchen vents!

What Else Should I Clean in My Kitchen?

Once you’ve cleaned your vents, it’s time to clean the rest of the kitchen. First, use our kitchen cleaning guide and kitchen cleaning checklist to make your to-do list.

Then, be sure to check out our advice on how to steam clean your oven, clean your stovetop and clean all the trickiest kitchen appliances. Your whole kitchen will be sparkling-fresh in no time!