Add Wire-Free Wall Sconces to Any Room with This Hack

Updated: May 02, 2023

Want to spruce up your home's lighting quickly and easily? Learn how to install wire-free wall sconces in just a few minutes.

The internet is awash with interesting and useful decor strategies, and one that’s making a serious resurgence lately is the wall sconce. Stylish wall-mounted light fixtures that illuminate small areas of a room, wall sconces are perfect for electrical efficiency (since you don’t have to light an entire room at a time), and they look great too. The issue is, installing them has traditionally been fairly troublesome.

The standard approach involves cutting holes in your drywall and doing some serious electrical work to tap into existing wires and power the sconces. We came across this TikTok hack that presents a much easier approach. Rather than go through the time and trouble of hard-wiring sconces into your home’s electrical system, the TikTok creator uses battery-powered LED light pucks in place of bulbs in the lamps. Not only does this eliminate the need to make holes in your wall and mess with the wiring, but the light pucks are remote-controlled, so you can switch on your sconces from anywhere in the room. Here’s how to put this hack into practice for wire-free LED-lit wall sconces of your own.

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How to Create Wire-Free Wall Scones

Got a room you’d like to accent with some wireless wall sconces? Here’s how to install them the fast and easy way.

Tools & Materials Needed


  • Choose the room and approximate location where you want to install your wall sconces. A good general rule of thumb is to install each sconce 60 inches off the floor. Or if you prefer a slightly higher look, try 72 inches.
  • Mark the approximate locations you’ve chosen with small pieces of masking tape applied to your wall, then use a stud finder to locate the nearest wall stud to each of your spots.
  • Use a tape measure and pencil to mark the location of the wall stud at the height you’ve chosen for the base of your wall sconce.
  • Unpack the mounting hardware that came with your wall sconce, then use an impact driver or screwdriver to drive a 2 1/2-inch deck screw through one side of the mounting hardware and into the spot you marked on your wall indicating the stud.
  • Mark the location of the other hole in the mounting hardware using a pencil, then swivel the mounting hardware temporarily out of the way.
  • Select a screw and drywall anchor that will fit the mounting hardware hole, then drill a corresponding hole in your drywall at the spot you marked.
  • Secure the mounting hardware using this screw and anchor.
  • Use a pair of wire cutters to remove the wire protruding from the back of the sconce you’ll be installing, then fasten the sconce to its mounting hardware using the screws provided.
  • Add batteries to your LED light puck, then peel off the protective backing and stick the puck to the top of the empty bulb socket of your sconce.
  • Repeat the procedure for any additional sconces you’d like to install.
  • Enjoy battery-powered, remote-controlled wall sconces.