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Robert Maxwell

location-pin Ontario, Canada

Expertise: painting and drywall, automotive, landscaping and garden, product testing, carpentry, woodworking, electrical, flooring, plumbing, tiling, cleaning and organization, decor and design, renovating and remodeling, home exteriors, roofing, outdoors and camping, stone masonry, tools, homebuilding, gardening, welding, soldering, forestry

Robert Maxwell

  • Writing has appeared in Family Handyman, Mother Earth News, Backwoods Home, and Sensible Driver.
  • Currently living in and working from a self-built cabin and well-stocked workshop in the woods.
  • Deep experience in homebuilding, homesteading, fine woodworking, stone masonry, machine and vehicle repair, welding, soldering, forestry, off-grid energy, and more
  • Avid tool tester since 2009.


Robert Maxwell has been a passionate DIYer since the mid-1990s, when he received his first childhood tool set. His rural upbringing gives him a lifetime of experience in all things DIY, from carpentry and fine woodworking to welding and vehicle repair, all of which he practices regularly from his self-built cabin in the woods in Northern Ontario, Canada. Robert has been a regular contributor to Family Handyman since 2020, where he writes from firsthand experience on a surprisingly wide variety of DIY topics.


Generational Homesteader

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