Apply Wall Texture Yourself and Save Big Bucks

Updated: Sep. 03, 2023

Choose an orange peel or knockdown-style texture that you can do yourself with this Homax product.

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Apply Wall Texture Yourself and Save Big Bucks

Pros charge a bundle to apply wall texture. After partnering with HOMAX® for this post, I found out how easy it is to do it yourself with HOMAX® Pro Grade Wall Texture for a fraction of the price of a pro. You don’t even need any special equipment, except a drywall-taping knife for knockdown texture. Use this aerosol wall texture spray to texture over a drywall repair or texture an entire wall. The specially designed, fully adjustable dual-control nozzle lets you fine-tune both the spray volume and pressure to get the texture you like. Choose an orange peel or knockdown-style texture.

Rick learns how to knock it down

I’ve never textured a wall before, let alone perform the knockdown procedure. So I read the directions and practiced before doing the actual application. The directions say to practice on cardboard. I didn’t have a large enough piece to practice on, so I taped rosin paper to the wall and covered the floor with a drop cloth. Then I tried several different volume and pressure settings and used the drywall knife to knock down each one until I found the combination I liked. Here’s what I learned from my practice sessions:

Apply Wall Texture Yourself and Save Big Bucks

    • You won’t get it right on the first pass. Plan on using about half the can to perfect your technique.
    • Once you fine-tune the dual-control settings to get the texture you like, transfer that setting to each subsequent can as you complete the job.
    • The heavier the application, the closer you must be to the wall.
    • Spray in random circular patterns.
    • Drag the knife across the texture material without any pressure. You can always apply more pressure on a second pass if you need to. However, if you apply too much pressure on the first pass, you’ll just smear the texture into one large blob. Then you’ll have to scrape it off and start again.

Apply Wall Texture Yourself and Save Big Bucks

    • Timing is critical. The directions say to knock down the product within one to two minutes. If you wait too long, the product stiffens and won’t knock down as easily. If you knock it down too soon, it’s too watery and smears. Get the hang of timing and work in small sections.

Apply Wall Texture Yourself and Save Big Bucks

How much to buy

HOMAX® Pro Grade Wall Texture costs about $16 per can at home centers. Each can of knockdown texture covers up to 75 sq. ft. for a light coating or 35 sq. ft. for a heavy coating. The orange peel texture covers up to 125 sq. ft. for a fine coating and 70 sq. ft. for a heavy coating. The can label shows the finished results for each type of application, so use that as a buying guide. However, I recommend buying several extra cans so you don’t run out in mid-project. Return what you don’t use.

Final tips

The product dries quickly (in about 60 minutes, depending on the humidity and temperature), so you can paint the same day. However, the manufacturer recommends priming the texture before painting, so figure that into your project time.

The orange peel texture is available in water- and oil-based formulations. The knockdown is water-based only. But both formulas contain flammable solvents, so you’ll need adequate cross ventilation to remove the vapors. Wear a proper charcoal respirator to avoid breathing the vapors and wear goggles to protect your eyes from splatter.

— Rick Muscoplat, Contributing Editor

This is a sponsored article written by me on behalf of Homax. The opinions and text are all mine.