This Sconce Lighting DIY Is Budget Friendly and Super Chic

Updated: Apr. 10, 2023

Want to add a sconce to your home without the price tag? This quick and easy hack can help!

Sconces are one of our favorite light fixture types for countless reasons. For starters, sconces add an air of elegance to your home, provide a pop of personality to a space, and, of course, offer beautiful mood lighting. However, embellishing your home with one can quickly become expensive since it likely requires the help of an electrician.

That’s where this DIY, budget-friendly hack comes into the picture. Plus, it won’t take more than a few hours—making it the perfect craft for home improvement weekend warriors. (And if you need more quick and easy DIY projects, we have plenty of suggestions.)

How to Make a Wireless Sconce DIY Out of a Tissue Box Holder

We will create a wireless sconce out of a tissue box holder for this DIY.

There are two ways to tackle this project. First, if you like the look of a taller sconce, you can place two tissue boxes on top of each other to create the appearance of an elongated sconce. Alternatively, you can make your sconces smaller and place them separately to frame your bedside tables or an entryway.

TikTok creator @redeux_style, who created this DIY, demonstrates here how aesthetically pleasing the stacked tissue box method can be:

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Tools You’ll Need


Ready to make it your own? Let’s walk through the stacked tissue box method first.

  1. Take your puck light and adhere it with your hot glue gun to the hole where the tissues would go. Do this with each tissue box.
  2. Attach the back of the puck light to the inside lid of the tissue box so the light shines in the right direction.
  3. Adhere the corners of the tissue boxes together. The creator uses twine since this matches the texture of the tissue boxes, but hot glue would work, too.
  4. Add a nail in the wall for your sconce. Place the sconce so the nail supports it, and there you have it!

As for the smaller version of the sconces, you’d follow the same process but stop before adhering two tissue boxes together. And there you have it: A budget DIY sconce you can’t help but love!