Heated Vest Reviews: The Amazon Vest Customers Love

Updated: Dec. 01, 2023

Tired of shivering all winter long? Embrace cold weather and stay warm with our heated vest reviews—perfect for workers of all types.

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A fellow skier once told me, “There is no cold weather; there’s only the wrong clothing.” This sentiment rings particularly true to me, especially when I consider all the times I dressed incorrectly for the temperature. Luckily, thanks to the handy invention of heated clothing (like heated vests), you can stay warm and toasty—even in the most frigid climates. 

The Doace Heated Vest has been racking up positive reviews on Amazon, and for a good reason: It works. It can help regulate body temperature while you’re out enjoying the cooler weather and has a variety of heating levels. Buyers rave about it, and it’s one of our favorite gifts for outdoor lovers (especially for folks who live in colder areas). People who suffer from poor circulation or always feel chilly will love this product too.

Construction pros rely on heated gear and rugged cold-weather workwear to deal with the elementsSo whether you are a hunter, a motorcycle rider or an outdoor enthusiast who wants to enjoy the cold weather longer, it’s time to get toasty. Check out our heated vest reviews for the 4-1-1 on this popular product. 

What is a heated vest?

A heated vest is just what it sounds like: A vest that uses carbon nanofiber-based heating elements to keep you warm. This model includes eight flexible heating pads sewn into the fabric with zones around your neck, back, abdomen, shoulders and waist. These features ensure every part of you stays warm and comfortable, even in freezing temperatures.

Like rechargeable hand warmers, the vest is battery-powered, so it’s simple to use as well as convenient. It’s also one of the best winter gear options, extending your camping season well into the winter.

Heated Vest Product Features

The Doace Heated Vest is incredibly versatile. Depending on your preference and how much warmth you need, you can layer it under clothing or wear it as an exterior element. From there, you can turn it on and start warming up quickly.

The vest features three heating levels, controlled with a multi-switch design. The low setting sits at 113 degrees Fahrenheit, while the high reaches temperatures upwards of 149 degrees. Switch among heat intensities by pressing the button corresponding to each temperature: green, blue, or red. If you feel overheated, simply turn off the vest or wait for its automatic shutoff to kick in.

Even though this vest has a thin and lightweight lining, the exterior water- and wind-resistant fabric is anything but puny. This vest is also filled with quality duck down so the user remains warm and comfortable even without the heating elements.

The sleeveless design won’t restrict movement, and the fabric remains breathable so that you won’t overheat. Best of all, the vest can be hand- or machine-washed (as long as it’s placed in a laundry bag).

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  • Has multiple heating levels
  • Washable
  • Lasts for eight hours on a single charge
  • Unisex design
  • Useable in a variety of climates


  • Battery not included

The Best Amazon Heated Vest User Reviews

Amazon customer RC reported, “This is an update to my original review. After posting my initial review with the issue of heating element not working properly, I got a quick response from the company addressing my concerns. They immediately took action to rectify the problem and I feel they truly stand behind their product with integrity. As everyone knows this is rare these days. The customer service alone has been a comfort, knowing there are people who still care. Thank you very much. I give these guys 5 stars all day long!!!!”

Verified Amazon purchaser ZZ can’t get enough of this vest. “I used the vest a few times when camping in the mountain … And it is warm! ” ZZ writes. “I will have long days during the winter when watching kids play sports outdoors. But I am ready with [this] heated vest. Recommending you do the same to get one handy.”

Another verified purchaser, The Good Old Boy, appreciates the vest’s lengthy battery life. “I haven’t timed it yet but I’ve been using it with a 20000mAH pack and still had a lot of juice left after a half-day hunt,” he writes. “I’ll keep a better eye on battery impacts and update but as of now I am a very toasty happy hunter!”

How the Amazon Heated Vest Compares to Other Heated Vests

Amazon offers other comparably-priced options, but the Doace Heated Vest has eight heat zones versus three or four like competing products, which means more heat coverage.

Final Verdict – Should You Buy the Amazon Heated Vest?

Absolutely! This heated vest will make you feel like you’re getting a big, warm hug on a cold day. However, we do recommend purchasing a second battery if you plan to spend all day outdoors.

Where to Buy the Amazon Heated Vest

Electric Heated Vestvia merchant

Ready to take home a heated vest of your own? The best place to purchase this highly-rated piece of clothing is on Amazon. Choose from five sizes (small through 3XL) for around $60.

Whether you’re working outside in veritable blizzard conditions or you just want an extra boost of warmth while playing some winter family outdoor games, you can’t go wrong with this heated vest.

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