The Best-Tested Heated Clothing for Working in the Cold

Updated: May 06, 2024

Our shopping editor tested some of the best heated gear essentials this winter to tell you which products are worth your buck and will keep you warm where it counts.

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Men's Actionheat 5v Battery Heated Snow Gloves Ecomm Scheels.comVIA MERCHANT

From self-heating jackets and heated vests to insulated cold-weather gear for outdoor work, many products help you stay warm and cozy this winter. But with the vast array of winter workwear available, it can be difficult to know which ones are best for those tough jobs that require long hours in frigid temperatures.

Thanks to improvements in heating technology, this generation of heated clothing is much less bulky and more reliable. We’ve rounded up a list of the best products that offer hours of warmth in the coldest of temperatures. Better yet, we tested each product on this list to ensure we’re telling you how they really hold up in the cold before you put your warmth on the line.

So whether you’re outside and working hard (we’re looking at you construction pros) or playing hard (hello, skiers) or you just need clothes while removing snow, we’ve got you covered. Here’s the best-tested heated clothing, according to our shopping editor.

The classic hoodie gets a winter-weather heated clothing upgrade with this unisex zip-up jacket. It keeps you warm for hours (three hours on high, six hours on medium, 10 hours on low). The rechargeable battery stays in a special zippered pocket, so it’s not falling out of place. The front pockets are large enough to carry a few essentials and keep your hands warm.

While testing this hoodie, I was impressed with its overall quality. The material is thick and heavy, yet soft to the touch. Plus, fleece lines the sleeves, pockets and hood for extra warmth. The wrists are fitted to help keep in heat and the hood is large enough to go over a hat. There’s also a durable zipper, and it’s even machine-washable—just be sure you remove the battery pack first.

When it comes to heating, this thing heats up almost instantly! I could feel the back heating panel getting hot within a minute. There are also heating panels on the chest. As far as fitting goes, this hoodie runs a little large and does have an oversized, bulkier appearance—which, conveniently, is in style right now.


  • Well-constructed
  • Fleece-lined
  • Good-looking
  • Over-sized pockets and hood
  • Battery pack can stay charged for up to 10 hours on low
  • Battery pack is small and lightweight
  • Front breast logo serves as a power button for convenience and lights up when turned on


  • Battery pack may be visible if hoodie is snug

Neberon Heated Gloves lwith box lying on wooden surface Mary Henn/Family Handyman

Best Heated Gloves

Neberon Heated Gloves

Powered by a rechargeable battery pack, these heated gloves stay warm for up to 8-1/2 hours, depending on which of the three temperature settings you choose. They’re waterproof, and they can be cinched tight around your wrist, so no water gets into the gloves. Slim batteries fit into a discreet pocket for a comfortable fit. The high-volt battery packs allow these gloves to heat up in just three seconds—a huge plus when you need to go shovel snow or scrape your car before heading to work.

While the fingertips on these gloves are touch-screen friendly, I did not find myself attempting to use my phone with the gloves on. I found the gloves to be a bit too bulky to hold and use a small electronic device. However, they were great for holding onto a snow shovel and ice scraper. They’d also work for holding a dog leash!

I love that the palms on these gloves are reinforced for grip and durability, so they won’t slip when you’re pushing snow. I also like that the heat comes on in the back and front of the hands for all-around warmth.


  • Waterproof
  • Tighten around wrists
  • Heat up in 3 seconds
  • Battery packs last 8-1/2 hours on low
  • Thick and durable construction
  • Available in sizes S-XL


  • Pricey

Hothands Hand Warmers Anthony O'reilly For Family Handyman

Hand warmers are vital when it comes to heated gear, and these odorless, air-activated HotHands hand warmers are a classic for a reason. They’re affordable and effective!

Expert product tester Anthony O’Reilly used them all the time when he lived in his old house with insulation issues that made it feel like an Arctic ice box. “Are they hotter than rechargeable hand warmers? No, but they can last for 10 hours and are still warm,” O’Reilly says. “The [HotHands] toe warmers were new to me, but even after using them once to walk the dog at night, I’m a big fan.”

Buy them in bulk for crews to keep warm on job sites or stock up for your family this winter. The handheld packs tuck easily into gloves, boots, hats—anywhere you need a little pocket of heat.


  • Affordable
  • Last 10 hours
  • No electricity needed
  • Effective
  • Transportation Security Administration (TSA)-approved


  • Single-use only

Carhartt Vest lying on carpet Mary Henn/Family Handyman

Best Heated Vest

Carhartt Smart Heated Vest

The best heated clothing provides warmth without adding extra bulk. That’s exactly what this vest from Carhartt does. It’s a great middle layer to add underneath a coat, jacket or jumpsuit.

The exact temperature of the Carhartt Smart Heated Vest can be controlled with the clim8 app, so you can set your ideal temp directly from your phone. The right pocket has a stow pocket for the battery pack, and there are three heating panels: One on each chest and one across the back. The battery pack can take three hours to fully charge, and it lasts about six to eight hours depending on how high the heat is set. If set to full blast, the battery may only last two to three hours.

I found the Carhartt vest to be great for my cold-weather needs: Brief dog walks, touring winter festivals with family and performing quick outdoor tasks. However, if you need an extra warm layer that provides heat for extended hours on a job site, you may need more layers or a way to recharge the battery pack that comes with this vest.


  • Well-made
  • Warm middle layer that allows for a range of motion
  • App-controlled
  • Easy to use
  • Available in sizes XS-XXL


  • Only available in one style/color
  • Many users want the option to purchase extra battery packs

Heat rises, so keep the top of your head toasty and you’ll feel warmer all over. This Gobi Heat Beanie is stylish and functional. Honestly, as someone who often has a hard time finding hats that look good on them, I was pleasantly surprised when I tried on the heated beanie. I have a large head, and this beanie isn’t too tight. It fits just right, looks great and has the feel of a standard, fleece-lined knitted beanie. In other words, you can’t feel the heating panels through the hat.

The beanie delivers three levels of heat (which you can control with the press of a button), up to 10 hours of battery life and the battery is removable. So, you can wear it without the heating feature, too. While wearing the beanie, I noticed that the heating panels are strategically placed over the ears, so your head and ears are covered in warmth. I also found the low heat setting (113 degrees) to provide plenty of warmth for me, so I had enough battery power to keep the hat warm all day long. In extremely frigid climates, the hat can get up to 131 and 140 degrees on the medium and high settings.

Best of all, the hat is wind-resistant, water-resistant and machine-washable. Snow and rain won’t mess up your hair, and if the hat gets dirty, just remove the battery pack and throw it in the washing machine!


  • Stylish
  • Fits large heads
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable heat settings
  • Long battery life
  • Wind- and water-resistant
  • Machine washable


  • Only available in one size and two color options

Best Heated Socks

Fieldsheer Mobile Warming Heated Wool Socks

Wool socks are a must-have in winter weather conditions. These breathable, warming wool socks from Fieldsheer feature extra thickness at the toes and heel, arch support and a left/right design. Plus, to solve problems reported with many heated socks (too hot and not enough coverage), these socks have four temperature settings and a large, heated area (under and around the toes).

They’re Bluetooth-controlled via an app, too! So, you can control the temperature settings and monitor battery life from your phone, which is super convenient when you’re layered up with boots on. The socks are calf-length, and the zippered battery pouch sits at the top so as not to add any discomfort to your feet. And they’re thick enough to keep you warm but aren’t overly bulky.

On the lowest heat setting, they provide up to 11 hours of warmth, and on the highest setting the battery lasts about four hours. Charge time does take a few hours, so you’ll want to charge each battery pack well before heading outdoors. Heated socks are great for working (or playing) in the snow. However, I did notice that they tend to run slightly small, which you may want to keep in mind if you’re in between sizes.


  • Bluetooth-enabled and app-controlled
  • Long battery life
  • Heel and toe reinforcement
  • Zippered battery compartment
  • 4 heat settings


  • Run slightly small
  • Only one color/style option available

Romision Thermal Base Layer opened up Mary Henn/Family Handyman

Best Base Layer

Romision Thermal Base Layer

This body-hugging base layer set from Amazon isn’t electronically heated, but we recommend it as a base layer under other heated clothing items. It comes in a pack of two (two shirts and two pairs of pants), and it’s made of flexible, moisture-wicking fabric that offers compression and comfortability.

I gave a pair to my brother who works outside frequently, and he loves them! While they run a bit large (I’d recommend sizing down if you want a snug fit), he says the quality is on par with name-brand base layers and compression sets. I have to agree with him, the fabric feels soft and high quality. You even have the option of ordering a set with an ergonomically designed fly, if that’s your thing.

We love this thermal base layer because it’s well-made, affordable, lightweight, stretchy and great for running, camping, skiing and working outside in the cold. Plus, it’s available in a decent range of color and size options.


  • Affordable
  • Provides snug, non-bulky base layer of warmth
  • Available in sizes XS-XXL
  • Multiple color options
  • Lightweight, breathable fabric
  • Moisture-wicking


  • Run large

What to Consider When Buying Heated Clothing

When shopping for heated clothing, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind. Firstly, electronically heated clothing, especially products that are Bluetooth-enabled and app-controlled, is significantly more expensive than non-heated winter wear. So, if you’re looking to dress yourself from head to toe with heated clothing, you may want to do a little budgeting before shopping, as each piece of heated winter gear may cost $100 or more.

Beyond price tags, you’ll also want to consider when you’ll use the heated clothing. Will you be walking a dog, working in the yard or on a job site? Depending on how long you’ll need to stay warm, you’ll want to look at how long the battery life is for a specific product. Additionally, you may also want to consider whether you can buy additional battery packs for the product and if the product will keep you warm without the heating functions turned on. Lastly, as with any outdoor wear, you’ll want to look at sizing options and whether certain items tend to run large or small.

We’re Familiar with Cold Climates

As someone who lives in the Midwest and deals with all types of weather each year, I’m used to having to adjust to just about any outdoor temperature. Just a couple of weeks ago I experienced subzero temperatures, and today it’s nearly 60 degrees. That said, even getting to work, shoveling snow, letting the dogs out and running errands when it’s -8 degrees requires preparation, and I was thankful to have all my heated gear when it mattered. I also had the help of family members and friends when it came time to test the heating clothing on this list for extended periods. We acquired, tested and vetted each product in real cold-weather conditions.

How We Found the Best Heated Clothing

We considered dozens of heated products to put together this list. With the help of Minnesota-based writer Alyssa Ford and New Yorker Anthony O’Reilly, we selected the top heated clothing items to test. After selecting and acquiring the seven items on this list, we tested each product vigorously in cold weather to tell you how each one performs. Serendipitously, I tested most of the gear on this list when the Midwest was experiencing record-breaking cold temperatures. So, you can trust that the heated clothing linked here holds up in subzero temperatures.


What are the top-rated heated jackets?

Ororo, featured in our best overall pick above, is one of the best (if not the best) brands when it comes to heated jackets. Other brands like Gobi Heat and Carhartt are also highly rated when it comes to dressing for and working in the cold.

Are heated clothes worth it?

Heated clothes allow you to stay outside longer in freezing temperatures. So, if you’re someone who needs to be outdoors year-round, even when temperatures drop below freezing, heated clothing is great for walking dogs, attending sporting games or working on a job site.