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Dual Power Heated Vest Men's Ecomm Fieldsheer.comVIA MERCHANT

When the wind chill is below zero, the jobs don’t stop. For occupations that require working in subzero temperatures, comfortable movement is vital—think farming, logging and welding—and that means layering up in typical job site gear just won’t cut it. That’s where heated workwear sales come in.

Heated workwear offers two benefits for outdoor workers: One, it’s a reliable way to keep toasty in cold temperatures without worrying about moisture affecting the insulation of winter workwear. Two, heated gear boasts less bulk than piling on thermal layers and down jackets.

When it comes to finding cold weather gear, stick to heated workwear sales to find high-quality finds at a fraction of the price. There’s no need to dig through hundreds of website pages—this Family Handyman Sales Editor is a shopping expert, and I found tons of great prices on workwear brands like ActionHeat using my trained sales eye.

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Body Furnace Ecomm

The Best Heated Workwear Sales

Body Furnace

Sharper Image’s winter sale, where tons of items are 20% off sitewide, is the perfect occasion to snag incredible deals on heated apparel. This body furnace, $56 off, couldn’t be easier to use. Simply strap it on under your favorite fleece vest and connect it to Bluetooth. Use the free app to control temperature settings and monitor battery life. Enjoy up to 10 hours of heat on a single charge—talk about a tailgating must-have!

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Dual Power Heated Vest Men's Ecomm

Men’s Dual Power Heated Vest

For an incredible 50% off, bring home this heated vest. The slim profile fits snugly under fluffy fleece jackets and delivers protection from the chill for up to eight hours. It’s also wind and water-resistant and provides heat through all elements, even in the rain. The best part? Each vest includes an integrated LED flashlight for dark conditions.

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Actionheat Wool Aa Battery Heated Socks Ecomm

Wool Battery-Heated Socks

Heated gear that uses your average AA battery? There couldn’t be anything easier! These wool and cotton blend socks, on sale for a savings of $10, provide up to four hours of toasty warmth. The heat implement sits right on the toes, which is the best place to prevent frostbite. Pop them on under a pair of men’s or women’s work boots and get to work.

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Tidewe Breathable Heated Chest Waders, 1200g Waterproof Duck Hunting Wader With Removable Insulated Liner Ecomm

Heated Chest Waders

These heated chest duck waders pair perfectly with men’s or women’s work gloves and boots to provide waterproof and breathable warmth for hunting expeditions and beyond. Adjustable shoulder straps ensure a perfect fit, and a fleece-lined pocket helps chilly hands heat up. Snag it on sale for $40 off while it’s still in stock.

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Frontier Heated Jacket Men's Ecomm

Men’s Heated Jacket

Power up the Mobile Warming Connect app to fill this Frontier jacket, 40% off, with heat that begins at the press of a button. A black denim cotton shell and flannel interior keep you stylish, while a 7.4V heating system keeps you snug. Adjust the temperature of this heated jacket to your liking and enjoy up to 10 hours of warmth on your chest and back.

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Venustas Women's Heated Jacket With Battery Pack 5v, Heated Coat With Detachable Hood Windproof Ecomm

Women’s Heated Jacket

A detachable hood and bright blue colorway distinguish this heated women’s jacket from competitors. For 30% off, enjoy up to 10 hours of heat on your chest, back and collar. Silver mylar lining ensures even heat distribution from the internal copper elements for insulation that continues even when the unit shuts off. This women’s workwear staple also comes in black.

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Dual Power Heated Pant Unisex Ecomm

Unisex Dual-Power Heated Pants

Highly flexible, water-resistant and windproof materials work to keep your buns warm in any weather. These heated work pants tuck right into men’s or women’s work boots and deliver heat to the upper rear seat, waist and knees with a special fine-coiled heating system. The soft shell construction ensures all-around stretch for easy movement while on the job. Pick up a pair of these pants at a savings of 50%.

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Actionheat 5v Men's Slim Fit Battery Heated Hoodie Ecomm

Men’s Battery-Heated Hoodie

If heated vests don’t work for your wardrobe, heated hoodies are a great replacement. ActionHeat’s men’s slim-fit heated hoodie supplies full coverage and weather-tested protection to your arms, chest and back. Slip it on under your favorite Carhartt jacket for cozy heat that lasts throughout your entire shift. Pick it up at a whopping discount of $50.

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Venustas Men's 3 In 1 Heated Jacket With Battery Ecomm

Men’s Three-in-One Heated Jacket

Whether you’re looking for a hooded water-resistant jacket, fleece-heated jacket or both, this cold-weather workwear fits the bill. Scoop up this three-in-one heated coat, $50 off, that includes a weather-resistant outer shell and inner fleece-lined heated jacket. Each component zips apart or together, so you can customize it to your needs.

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Battery Heated Gloves Ecomm

Heated Gloves

Pick up a pair of gloves that do more than insulate. These heated gloves have multiple layers, like breathable goat skin, that traps the heat from their 3.7V batteries. Use them for outdoor sports like skiing and snowboarding, or reserve them for extra chilly workdays. Bonus: They make a hot Valentine’s Day gift, and they’re $20 off.

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How long does heated workwear stay warm?

Heated workwear stays warm anywhere from three to 10 hours, depending on the battery life. The best heated jackets and work gloves—typically, those that are pricier—deliver up to 20 hours of radiating heat. However, it’s possible to score deep discounts on top gear during heated workwear sales.

Is battery-heated workwear safe?

Heated workwear is as safe to use as unheated brands like Carhartt. The heating elements inside are battery-powered and often include carbon fibers that prevent overheating and evenly distribute warmth. Because the workwear is battery-powered and rechargeable, the heat only lasts as long as the battery.

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