Long Sleeve Sun Shirt for Outdoor Protection and Comfort: Tested & Reviewed

Updated: Mar. 18, 2024

Have some fun in the sun wearing this Family Handyman Approved work shirt with built-in UV protection.

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Sun protection isn’t just for roofers and landscapers. It’s a must for everyone out there who likes to spend time in the yard, on the boat, riding a motorcycle or firing up a smoker.

Personally, I’m diligent about applying sunscreen. At least, I thought I was. But after succumbing to the dermatologist’s scalpel, I’ve learned I don’t reapply nearly as much as I should, and rarely have sunscreen available when I need more.

Because of this, I started a small collection of UV protective clothing. After noticing Dickies made a line of warm weather work wear, I ordered one of their sun shirts and gave it a try.

What Is The Dickies Temp-iQ Cooling Performance Long Sleeve Sun Shirt?

This Dickies Temp-iQ Cooling Performance Long Sleeve Sun Shirt, made of 60% polyester and 40% cotton, is built to withstand the abuse summer outdoor activities can bring. It features a built-up, raglan neckline, teamed with UPF 40+ sun protection to keep harmful rays at bay no matter the conditions.

The advanced Temp-iQ intelligent cooling fabric effectively controls your core body temperature while wicking away moisture, keeping you cool and dry. It features a comfortable hood and anchor thumb-holes to provide extra coverage for your head and hands. There’s also a appreciated chest pocket so you don’t misplace your carpenter’s pencil or ear plugs around the jobsite.

The Dickies Temp-iQ Long Sleeve Performance Sun Shirt comes in five colors and sizes from small to 4-XL.

How We Tested It

I ordered the Dickies sun shirt right before a ten-day heat wave in the middle of July. I had no specific outdoor projects in mind to test the shirt, but plenty of menial daily tasks to put it through the ringer.

Over the ten-day period, I wore the Dickies Temp-iQ Sun Shirt every time I worked outdoors — mowing the lawn, painting part of the garage, breaking down fallen limbs from a storm, splitting firewood, even removing a wasp nest. While testing the shirt, I was most interested in how well the Temp-iQ fabric protected me from the sun. I was equally interested in the shirt’s general fit, comfort, utility and cleaning instructions.

Performance Review

Initially the long-sleeved, hooded sun shirt felt warm. However, once I focused on the task at hand, my clothing became irrelevant. I quickly learned the Dickies Sun Shirt is comfortable and breathable, and the moisture wicking top notch. On two occasions I got stuck in a spontaneous rain shower only to be dry and cool minutes later.

I am also impressed by the strength of the Dickies Temp-iQ Sun Shirt. The durable fabric feels thicker and less flexible than other UV protectant shirts I’ve owned for fishing and other outdoor uses, but it’s just as comfortable. While breaking down the branch pile, I worried about the shirt tearing or snagging on pointed limb ends, pruning shears or bow saw teeth. It came through it unscathed.

The Dickies Temp-iQ Sun Shirt washing instructions are standard: machine wash on cold with like colors and tumble dry low. But something else caught my attention when reading the instructions — the UPF 40+ sun protection is only effective for 10 washes!

After doing some research, it seems the UV protection wears down slowly over time. Though your Dickies Temp-iQ Sun Shirt won’t have the full UPF 40+ protection after ten washes, it’s still better for mowing the lawn than that concert tee you picked up a few summers back.

The extra-large shirt fits well. It offers comfortable sleeves, thumb-holes, neckline and hood to accommodate a big man. I just wish the shirt was a few inches longer. Multiple times during my yard work, I picked up a stick or sprinted away after spraying a wasp nest and felt a burst of hot air straight up my back. By adding a few inches to the bottom, Dickies would have a slam-dunk product more enjoyable for the wearer.

Why You Should Buy This

If you play or work in the sun, or need extra sun protection, take care of yourself with the Dickies Temp-iQ Cooling Performance Long Sleeve Sun Shirt. It’s comfortable, durable, moisture wicking and easy to care for. No more farmers tan for your partner or children to tease you about!


  • UPF 40+ sun protection;
  • Breast pocket;
  • Comfortable;
  • Breathable;
  • Great moisture wicking;
  • Stout durability.


  • UV protection washes out over time;
  • Too short.

Where To Buy

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The Dickies Temp-iQ Cooling Performance Long Sleeve Sun Shirt is available from Amazon or at Dickies.com.

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