5 Best Lawn Mower Covers for Protection Against Weather, Water and Debris

Updated: Feb. 26, 2024

The best lawn mower cover shelters your investment from dirt, debris and inclement weather, and prevents rust and clogs.

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5 Best Lawn Mower Covers To Protect Your InvestmentVIA MERCHANT

Buying a lawn mower is not a simple purchase. However, once you do find the right one to keep your yard well-kept and orderly, we recommend pairing it with a lawn mower cover to prevent your machine from getting damaged, clogged, dirty or impacted by the elements.

If you’ve recently bought a new lawn mower, want to take better care of your existing machine or replace your current cover with a better version, we’ve got you covered (literally). From waterproof picks to riding lawn mower covers and walk-behind lawn mower options, we’ve researched and rounded up the best lawn mower covers to take good care of your machine.

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Weatherpro Covers Lawn Mower Cover
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Best Overall Lawn Mower Cover

WeatherPRO Covers Lawn Mower Cover

Made with 100% marine-grade material, the waterproof WeatherPRO Covers lawn mower cover is suited for nearly every kind of push lawn mower. This heavy-duty option is durable to protect your machine from the elements, and the draw cord ensures full protection. The best part is that WeatherPRO covers offers a 100% one-year manufacturer guarantee, so you can feel confident in your purchase.


  • Universal sizing for nearly all push lawn mowers
  • Waterproof and provides UV protection
  • 100% one-year manufacturer guarantee


  • May need two people to put on

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Himal Outdoors Heavy Duty Lawn Mower Cover
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Best Budget Lawn Mower Cover

Himal Outdoors Heavy-Duty Lawn Mower Cover

If you’re looking for an affordable cover to go along with your affordable lawn mower, the Himal heavy-duty lawn mower cover does a nice job at protecting most walk-behind machines from dust, leaves, wildlife and other outdoor debris. It’s made from ultra-resilient, double-stitched 600D Oxford cloth, offering rugged protection at a fair price point. Reviewers love its durability and windproof element. If the goal of your purchase is to protect your lawn mower from ordinary outdoor conditions, or to add an extra layer of protection when storing indoors, this is a must-consider option.


  • Wallet-friendly
  • Windproof
  • Provides a tightening cord


  • Not made for severe outdoor conditions

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Tough Cover Lawn Tractor Cover
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Best Lawn Mower Cover for Riding Lawn Mowers

Tough Cover Lawn Tractor Cover

The Tough Cover lawn tractor cover protects riding lawn mowers against everyday dust, debris and moisture with its 210D marine-grade, tear-proof fabric. This cover fits most riding mower models from brands including John Deere, Husqvarna, Toro, Cub Cadet, Troy Bilt and Craftsman. When not in use, you can store it in its included storage bag.


  • Fits most riding lawn mower models
  • Tightens with a drawstring
  • Comes with a storage bag


  • Not completely waterproof

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Ashleyriver Heavy Duty Push Mower Cover
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Best Lawn Mower Cover for Push Mowers

AshleyRiver Heavy-Duty Push Mower Cover

If you don’t have a cover for your push mower, look no further than the AshleyRiver heavy-duty push mower cover. This lightweight polyester cover makes it easy to transport and put on your machine. Its UV-resistant coating will keep your mower’s temperature regulated, so you don’t have to worry about it overheating. Plus, it fits most standard-size gas, electric and reel push mowers.


  • Fits most standard-size gas, electric and reel push mowers
  • Weighs less than one pound
  • Has UV-resistant coating


  • May be difficult to move the mower with the cover on

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Tough Cover Extreme Conditions Lawn Mower Cover
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Best Lawn Mower Cover for Severe Weather

Tough Cover Extreme Conditions Lawn Mower Cover

For those looking for a durable waterproof lawn mower cover, check out the Tough Cover Extreme Conditions Lawn Mower Cover. Made with 600D marine-grade, tear-proof fabric, this cover is durable and water-resistant. If you plan on keeping your lawn mower outside full-time, this cover is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and environments.

This large cover’s drawstrings are able to be tightened to ensure a secure fit around your machine. It’s best suited to cover push lawn mowers, but also covers walk-behind and reel lawn mowers.


  • Designed for full-time outdoor storage
  • Made of 600D marine-grade, tear-proof fabric
  • Water-, heat-, snow- and wind-resistant
  • Comes with a storage bag


  • Not ideal for smaller lawn mowers

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What to Consider When Buying a Lawn Mower Cover

First things first: Make sure the cover is the right type for your lawn mower and is big enough to protect it. Then, it’s a best practice to think about where you store or plan on storing your lawn mower. If you keep your lawn mower outside or live in an area where it frequently rains, consider a waterproof cover made with denser fabric that’s more durable in protecting against the elements.

You should ensure that your lawn mower cover provides as much coverage as possible. A cover with buckles, straps and drawstrings prevent it from sliding off.

Types of Lawn Mower Covers

  • Outdoor lawn mower covers: These covers are made with the most durable materials to withstand inclement weather year-round. They tend to include strings or buckles to prevent debris and water from coming into contact with the mower.
  • Indoor lawn mower covers: These covers are usually less durable and are made to provide an extra layer of protection to a lawn mower that’s stored indoors most of the time. They typically prevent rust and debris from contaminating the lawn mower.

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Should I cover my lawn mower?

Yes! There’s not much to lose by having a lawn mower cover (even when storing it indoors), because they work to protect your machine from rust, dirt, clogs and inclement weather.

Can a lawn mower be left out in the rain?

This is a tricky question, and the answer is: in general, no. Your lawn mower will likely be okay if it’s left outside in light rain. However, you shouldn’t make it a habit without the right equipment, aka a cover.

If heavy rain is forecasted, it’s best to bring your lawn mower inside. Mowing wet grass will damage your lawn and could potentially lead to injury. Additionally, it’s more than likely that if your lawn mower gets soaked with water that it’ll experience substantial damage or stop working.

However, if you don’t have available space to store your lawn mower indoors, a high-quality waterproof lawn mower cover does its job in most instances to keep it free of as much water as possible.

How do I protect my lawn mower?

You can protect your lawn mower by properly maintaining it. Besides a cover, you can protect your lawn mower by not mowing in the rain, and buying a bumper to prevent damage if you run into a tree, fence post or other hard surface. Additionally, if you do store your lawn mower outside, building an overhead cover for your machine will help keep it out of harm’s way.