Lasko All-Season High-Velocity Hybrid Fan and Heater: We Tried It

Updated: Feb. 23, 2024

This sleek, potent appliance from Lasko does double duty as a fan and heater and is especially handy for in-between temperatures.

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It’s that time of year again when we put away the portable space heater and take out the portable fan. I’ve burned through a number of inexpensive space heaters over the years, and I never look forward to pulling the fan out of the garage and cleaning the dusty grease off those portable blades.

These seasonal woes are presumably what Lasko had in mind when it introduced the All-Season High-Velocity Hybrid Fan and Heater, a two-in-one device for year-round use.

What is the Lasko All-Season High-Velocity Hybrid Fan and Heater?

To put it simply, this fan from Lasko is a tower-style portable fan and space heater that eliminates the need for separate devices. It’s suitable for anywhere supplementary heating and cooling would make conditions more comfortable.

The All-Season High-Velocity Hybrid Fan and Heater has two main functions: it heats or serves as a fan. It does not cool air, so it doesn’t take the place of an air conditioner. But it does a good job of distributing air, which can often be enough to make a room comfortable — more on that below.

And with record summer heat waves and soaring home fuel prices, this fan/heater serves consumers looking for a device that helps them cool off in the summer, stay warm in the winter, and save on their energy bill in the process.

Key features of the All-Season High-Velocity Hybrid Fan and Heater include:

  • Four heating speeds and four fan speeds;
  • Oscillating base to distribute warm or ambient air;
  • Can heat a 300-sq.-ft. room;
  • Functions with remote control or touchscreen;
  • AutoEco thermostat detects room temperature and adjusts heater strength to conserve power.

This appliance comes assembled and ready to plug in. I just had to unpack it and add two AAA batteries to the remote control.

The commands on the remote and the built-in touch screen are clear and simple. Because the hybrid fan and heater is a tower model, all mechanical parts are hidden in the streamlined housing, which is white on the front and charcoal gray on the back. So right off the bat, it’s more aesthetically pleasing than a traditional tabletop or floor fan.

How We Tested It

I tested the Lasko in May, which — fortunately for the purposes of this review — is a finicky month where I live in Italy. We had a heat wave, followed by a cold, rainy spell, followed by another heat wave.

The house didn’t get quite cold enough for the central heating to kick on, and it seemed too early in the season to run the air conditioning. This presented a chance to test out the heat and fan functions.

Heat function

Sitting still in my home office, I get chilled on cooler days, even if the rest of the house doesn’t feel cold. So I first tried the Lasko in my office. It worked so well that I soon moved it out into the hallway and let the warm air blow into the office, without the oscillating function.

Another reason I moved the heater out into the hallway: It’s somewhat noisy when set on its highest speed. This white noise was fine when I was working alone. But when I was on video calls, I had to turn it down. It was simpler to just move it into the hallway.

Fan function

When the first warm weather comes, I prefer to keep the windows open as long as I can before resorting to air conditioning. The Lasko certainly helped in that regard, keeping the air circulating through the house.

At night, we positioned the fan in the hallway between our two bedrooms, with the oscillation function turned on. It kept air moving through each room — cool but not cold, and with consistent intensity — so that we all slept more comfortably. On the #2 fan setting, the noise didn’t keep anyone awake.

Final Verdict

The All-Season High-Velocity Hybrid Fan and Heater is a smart, hard-working appliance that satisfies the need for single-room or supplemental heating and can give a boost to ambient or air-conditioned air.

The Lasko does exactly what it claims to do, so in that respect there were no surprises. I like that it’s unobtrusive. Despite its height (37-1/2-in.), it has a slender profile, and the white housing helps it blend into a room.

I’d love a fan/heater that was completely silent. But as far as I know, that hasn’t been invented, and the noise level of the Lasko is entirely tolerable.

Priced at $150 (see below for shopping info), it’s more expensive than a floor fan or most portable space heaters sold separately. But for the two-in-one functionality and overall high quality, I find this to be a fair price. I was offered a sample of the Lasko to try out, but I would recommend it to anyone looking for a strong, streamlined hybrid heater and fan.

Where to Buy the Lasko All-Season High-Velocity Hybrid Fan and Heater

We found it on Amazon for $150, with free shipping for Prime members.