Doughnut Lamps May Be 2024’s Next Big Decor Trend

Updated: Mar. 14, 2024

These unexpected lamps are on their way to becoming the hottest decor trend of 2023. Meet doughnut lamps—sculptural, utilitarian art.

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Lighting trends are ever-evolving to our modern tastes. So while 2023 saw people flocking to lamps shaped like mushrooms, oversized statement lamps and some natural, eco-friendly options, 2024 is lighting the way with something a bit different. The latest trending home item is another sculptural look that demands attention.

This time, instead of fungi-inspired lamps, you’ll soon be seeing doughnut lamps—and yes, they are shaped like the sweet pastries. Doughnut lamps, also known as donut lamps, bring an unexpected look to rooms and can fit many decor aesthetics from mid-century modern to industrial and anywhere in-between.

What Are Doughnut Lamps?

Varmblixt Led Wall Table Lamp LedgeCourtesy ©Inter IKEA Systems B.V. 2023

Doughnut lamps are sculptural lamps shaped like a circle with a hole in the center. In structure, they resemble the breakfast item, which is why they’ve received the nickname “doughnut lamp.” The lamp style combines a modern sensibility with a retro vibe and shape, so they fit perfectly in a mid-century modern room, gallery or eclectic space that combines several influences to create a cohesive design.

Depending on the iteration, doughnut lamps may feature a modern or earthy color and texture such as with a white ceramic or stoneware base, or a modern vintage look with orange glass. When lit, doughnut lamps might cast a dreamy, cozy glow, as with the case of the glass version from IKEA, or a nice, bright table-side light.

These stand-out pieces should fit just about any modern aesthetic, but if you aren’t sold on doughnut-shaped lighting, take a look at these modern table lamps for a wider range of options.

Where Are Doughnut Lamps Sold?

The doughnut lamp leading the trend is none other than IKEA’s VARMBLIXT LED Table and Wall Lamp ($50). The VARMBLIXT lamp features a round body with an orange glass shade shaped like a doughnut. Designed by Sabine Marcelis in partnership with IKEA, the VARMBLIXT features a mounting system that makes it possible to put it on the wall, but you can also use it as a table lamp. The interesting design is also quite utilitarian—it comes with an energy-saving LED light source, so there’s no need to change the lightbulb. If you want to get your hands on the IKEA doughnut lamp, the entire VARMBLIXT collection will roll out in stores nationwide starting February 2023. You’ll also be able to order the doughnut lamp online through IKEA’s website.

Other doughnut lamps are available from online stores like Amazon and Wayfair, or small stores through Etsy, though their designs vary. For instance, this sculptural doughnut wicker pendant lamp ($195) will bring a retro vibe to your space. However, lamps built like the one from the VARMBLIXT are few and far between—IKEA may have started a new trend!

Our Favorite Lamps

For those who like the mushroom and doughnut trend and can’t decide on just one, there’s a funky orange lamp from Lumens ($320) that looks like a mushroom sprouting a doughnut top—the perfect unexpected combo. You can also get a similar white mushroom-doughnut lamp from Etsy for $168.