Remodel Your Bedroom With This Easy DIY Painted Headboard

Updated: Sep. 05, 2023

Learn how to create a DIY painted headboard with just a few materials you likely have in your home.

If you’ve considered purchasing a headboard before, you know how costly it can be. But we have some excellent news before you shell out a lot of money to buy one. You can create a DIY headboard for a fraction of the cost.

This DIY-painted headboard tutorial helps you provide your space with a pop of color and a unique headboard design, allowing your room to feel like an authentic expression of you. Plus, you likely already have all (or most) of the materials required for your DIY painted headboard in your home, which makes it an ideal weekend project.

Ready to dive into this DIY-painted headboard tutorial? Let’s begin!

How to Make Your Own DIY Painted Headboard

TikTok creators @cameronandsadie created this DIY headboard tutorial to be manageable. Check out their video here for an overview of the process:

@cameronandsadie I had leftover paint, so I thought why not?? #midtermrental #airbnbarbitrage #homediy #bedroomdiy #diyarch #homerenovationonabudget #remodelingbymyself #airbnbproperty ♬ Stereo Love – instrumental

As you can see from the video, you don’t need much time to complete this project—just an hour or so. (If you have more time and want a more involved process, you may create a DIY reclaimed wood headboard.) Even better, it can enhance your bedroom by adding visual interest. We love how you can choose whichever color you want to create your DIY painted headboard and how it’s easy for even first-time DIYers to make it a success.

Materials Needed

Before you begin, round up the necessary materials to make crafting your DIY painted headboard more straightforward.

Here’s what you need:

  • Measuring tape
  • Paint (if you have an accent wall in your room, you can match it to this if desired)
  • Painters tape
  • String
  • Pencil
  • Paintbrush or roller


  • First, find the center of your wall. From there, measure the same distance on each side with your measuring tape.
  • Then, grab your string and pencil to create an arch connecting both sides. Using this method ensures it’s even.
  • Grab your painter’s tape to keep the straight lines even and ensure your moldings aren’t ruined.
  • Then, use a paintbrush or roller to fill in the rest of the arch, and you’re done!