How to Unclog a Sprinkler Head

Remove mineral deposits from lawn sprinklers quickly and easily.

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Here's how to clean clogged lawn sprinklers using special cleaners that dissolve rust and mineral build-ups.

Tools Required

  • Brass Bristle Brush

Materials Required

  • Rust and mineral remover
  • Spray silicone

Clean Clogged Sprinklers

If you have a lot of iron or other minerals in your water, then you likely know how much of a problem they can create. Iron builds up on the working parts and in the holes of sprinklers, which over time can make them quit working altogether. Here’s the good news: a simple soaking in a rust-removing solution followed by a spritz of silicone lubricant is all it takes to rejuvenate your sprinkler.

Project step-by-step (2)

Step 1

Soak Sprinklers in Rust Remover

Fill a freezer bag half full of rust remover and drop your sprinkler into the bag. We used CLR Calcium, Lime, and Rust Remover, but other rust-removing solutions will also work. Swish it around occasionally to distribute the solution. Remove the sprinkler after 30 minutes and rinse it in clear water.

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Step 2

Spray With Silicone

Clean off any remaining mineral or rust buildup with a brass-bristle brush. Spray silicone on the cleaned-up sprinkler to lubricate the parts and to prevent iron and mineral buildup.

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