Simple Sprinkler Head Protection

You won't forget where the sprinkler heads are anymore

Protect Sprinkler Heads in the Rocks…

Many of my sprinkler system heads are surrounded by landscape rocks. To keep the rocks from interfering with the sprinkler heads, especially when they’re coming down, I protect them with PVC pipe. I cut the PVC pipe into 6-in. lengths and push it into the ground around the heads so the pipe sticks up a little bit higher than the rocks. — Bob Riedel

sprinkler head protectorFamily Handyman

Sprinkler Head Protector… And in the Lawn

I’ve had to replace numerous sprinkler heads over the years after running over them in the grass with my lawn mower. To solve the problem, I stuck short lengths of 4-in. PVC pipe around each head so they stick up about an inch higher than the sprinkler heads. I haven’t had to replace a sprinkler head since, and it’s also helped keep leaves and grass clippings from building up around the heads. — Matthew Campanile