Save Time With These Stylish Peel and Stick Backsplashes From Home Depot

Revamp your kitchen for fall with The Home Depot's sale on backsplashes. These peel and stick tiles are fast, easy and stylish.

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Kitchen with two tile backsplashes
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Using Peel and Stick Tiles

Peel and stick tiles are a simple and affordable way to transform any room. While a backsplash is usually reserved for the kitchen, where splashing and splattering are inevitable, these stylish tiles can upgrade stair risers, bar counters, bathroom walls and more. And they’re on sale at The Home Depot until the end of October.

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Natural and Earthy Tiles

Tic Tac Tiles’ Polito Fresco tiles show off the beautiful texture of stone, but they’re polished smooth, making for a shiny and easy to clean backsplash. The pieces come in different sizes, shapes and colors. So although the neutral tones are discreet, this decorative tile is far from boring.

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Trendy White Marble

White marble is one of the hottest trends of the moment. It is the perfect piece of minimalist décor. The ABOLOS Nature Calacatta White Beveled Subway Tile offers a uniform shape with a subtle marble effect, while the glossy finish and beveled edges give it some visual interest and dimension. It pairs well with dark cabinets.

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3-D Look Peel and Stick Backsplash

ABOLOS’ Enchanted Metals Silver Kaleidoscope Mosaic Tile is uniquely eye-catching. The metallic tiles create a 3-D effect. It’s modern, yet this brushed metal backsplash fits in with rustic décor elements like reclaimed wood and hand-crafted pottery. Here are a few tips for installing mosaic tile.

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Metallic Honeycomb

Honeycomb tile is another trendy piece of design that is here to stay. The hexagon shape looks good in vibrant colors, such as ABOLOS’ gold Enchanted Metals Tile or unobtrusive neutrals. These gold tiles would complement gold cutlery and cream dishware.

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White Honeycomb

If you like the honeycomb shape but prefer a modest color, the Hexa Mono White Tiles from Tic Tac Tiles might be right for you. The contemporary shape and traditional creamy white shade mesh well together. It’s just the right amount of edgy.

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Most Colorful Backsplash Tiles

Smart Tiles’ Vintage Cadiz peel and stick tiles are full of fun and personality. The Moroccan-inspired tiles feature tons of shapes and colors, so when they are put together they make a backsplash that stands out. These come in white, gray, yellow and teal.

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Don’t know which backsplash tile to use in your kitchen? Here’s our list of vintage backsplash tile ideas.

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Black and White Kitchen Tiles

Black and white kitchens are always in style. The Como Gray peel and stick tiles from Tic Tac Tiles have thin pieces of varying lengths, forming a random smattering of black and white. Although these are cool-toned tiles, they don’t make a kitchen feel cold and sterile.

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Vintage-Inspired Pastel

Pastel tile was one of the best home décor trends of the 1950s, and Vetro Aqua from Tic Tac Tiles will fit right in with other antique items. They’re muted enough to match non-vintage furnishings, too. These blue peel and stick tiles are reminiscent of the summer sky.

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Checkerboard Backsplash Tiles

Take inspiration from old fashioned diners and put checkerboard tile in your own kitchen. Instant Mosaic’s Metal Backsplash Tile is a fresh twist on the traditional black and white checkerboard, instead alternating light and dark squares of brushed metal. The design looks neat, polished and dramatic.

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