24 DIY Garage Storage Projects That Save Space and Money

Updated: May 23, 2024

You don’t need a lot of extra space (or a lot of extra cash) to build these simple DIY garage storage projects.

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Cord Rack Featured Photo
Family Handyman

DIY Garage Storage for Cords and Hoses

This one-hour project provides a simple way to hang up a variety of things such as extension cords, rope or air hoses, and it keeps them away from your workspace. A simple cord rack keeps them tangle-free and accessible.

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Folding Mobile Workbench 4Folding Mobile Workbench

Folding Mobile Workbench

Want a mobile workbench with a sizable work area that folds up to only 7 in. thick? The materials to make the folding workbench shown here cost about $100 at home centers. Or, build it any size that suits your home shop by adjusting the frame sizes to accommodate the folding parts.

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HH long handled yard tool pallet organization hack
Family Handyman

Repurpose a Pallet for DIY Garage Storage

Long-handled yard and garden tools can be difficult to store. All you need for this pallet organization hack is a pallet, a couple of screws and a drill. And if you don’t have any pallets lying around, they are easy to get for free. This is a quick one-hour project and after you’re done, your tools will be organized and easy to reach. It’s a cheap DIY garage storage idea.

You could easily attach this pallet to a fence, shed or to the exposed wall studs in your garage. No matter what you choose, you’ll want to make sure that your screws are long enough to go through both your pallet and the wall you are attaching it to. We drilled two screws into the pallet, one into each exposed wall stud. You won’t need a ton of screws or nails because the pallet isn’t all that heavy. Now you have a quick and (potentially) free way to store your lawn tools!

You can also make a plywood storage rack and customize the size based on your own needs to store away in this awesome garage space saver.

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garage storage brackets

DIY Wall Brackets From Scrap Wood

Here’s how to store your lawn and folding chairs so they’re out of your way with some wooden garage shelves. Take two pieces of 1×4 lumber (any scrap lumber will do) and create some simple, cheap and useful brackets on the wall. Cut each board 7-3/4 in. long with a 30-degree angle on both ends. Fasten pairs of these brackets with three 2-in. screws to the side of the exposed wall studs, directly across from each other, and you’ve got a perfect place to hang your chairs.

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Lockable Storage Cabinet Featured

Lockable Garage Storage Cabinet

There are a lot of dangerous tools and products around the home that kids can get into, especially in your workshop and garage. This lockable storage cabinet gives you a safe place to store chemicals, paint, pest control products, sharp tools and other potentially dangerous objects. The cabinet could be painted or stained and used in the house as an extra pantry, cleaning supplies closet or hobby center.

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blue garage storage shelves

Affordable DIY Garage Storage Shelves

These simple DIY garage shelves can be built in less than a day for less than $300. A customized garage storage wall keeps all your supplies neatly organized in one place.

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Overhead DIY Garage Storage System

Tuck medium and lightweight stuff onto shelves suspended from the ceiling. The wooden overhead garage storage shelves are designed to fit into that unused space above the garage doors (you need 16 in. of clearance to fit a shelf and standard 12-1/2 in. high plastic bins). However, you can adjust the shelf height and put them anywhere. The only limitation is weight. We designed this 4 x 6-ft. shelf to hold about 160 lbs., a load that typical ceiling framing can safely support.

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FH08SEP_491_08_014 yard tool organizer
Family Handyman

Yard Tool Organizer

Create a simple long-handled tool hanger out of two 1x4s. On the first one, drill a series of 2-in. holes along the edge of the board. The trick is to center each hole about 1 in. from the edge. That leaves a 1-1/2-in. slot in the front that you can slip the handles through.
Space the holes to accommodate whatever it is you’re hanging. Screw that board to another 1×4 for the back and add 45-degree brackets to keep it from sagging. If you wish, pound nails into the vertical board to hang even more stuff. No more tripping over yard tools!
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Fold Up Workbench Featured Picture
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Fold-Up Workbench

Every good workshop (even if it’s just a sliver of your garage) needs a quality workbench with ample storage. Begin this space-saving starter workbench in the morning, and you’ll be using it to work on projects by the evening!

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Hang-it-All Hooks

Those plastic hooks that plumbers use to support pipes make convenient hangers for just about anything. They’re strong, cheap and come in a range of sizes. Find them in the plumbing aisle at home centers and hardware stores for a cheap shed storage idea.
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Pegboard Storage Lead Featured Image
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Sliding Pegboard Storage System

This project takes workshop storage to a whole new level, employing both sides of seven pieces of pegboard, all housed inside a compact box. This pegboard storage system is a compact solution for all your hand tools.

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lattice garage rack
Family Handyman

Lattice Rack

Plastic lattice works well for storing long lengths of miscellaneous pipe, trim, flashing and conduit. It’s a cheap DIY garage storage solution to create some wooden garage shelves. Just cut matching pieces, then screw 2×4 cleats to the ceiling and screw the lattice to the wall studs and cleats. Now you can quickly find those oddball leftovers instead of going to the hardware store and buying yet another piece.

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hanging wheelbarrow hook rack
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Wheelbarrow Rack

Hang your wheelbarrow on the garage wall to free up floor space. Center a 2-ft. 1×4 across two studs, 2 ft. above the floor. Tack it into place, then drive 3-in. screws through metal mending plates and the 1×4, into the studs. Leave about 3/4 in. of the plate sticking above the 1×4 to catch the rim. Rest the wheelbarrow on the 1×4 as shown, and mark the studs 1 in. above the wheelbarrow bucket. Drill pilot holes and screw ceiling hooks into the studs. Twist the hooks so they catch on the wheelbarrow lip and hold it in place.
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wooden recycling bin

Stacked Recycling Tower

Five plastic containers, six 2x2s and some screws, and one hour’s work are all it takes to put together this space-saving DIY recycling storage rack. Our frame fits containers that have a top that measures 14-1/2 in. x 10 in. and are 15 in. tall. Our containers were made by Rubbermaid.

If you use different-size containers, adjust the distance between the uprights so the 2x2s will catch the lip of the container. Then adjust the spacing of the horizontal rungs for a snug fit when the container is angled as shown.

Start by cutting the 2x2s to length according to the illustration. Then mark the position of the rungs on the uprights. Drill two 5/32-in. holes through the uprights at each crosspiece position. Drill from the outside to the inside and angle the holes inward slightly to prevent the screws from breaking out the side of the rungs.

Drive 2-1/2-in. screws through the uprights into the rungs. Assemble the front and back frames. Then connect them with the side crosspieces. Learn how to build a garage storage tower.

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cord and hose hooks
Family Handyman

Cord and Hose Hooks

Hanging electrical cords and hoses on thin hooks or nails can cause kinks and damage the sheathing and wires. Use pieces of 3-in. ABS plastic plumbing pipe to make simple, inexpensive hangers. Screw 3-in. end caps to a 2×6 with two 1-5/8-in. screws. Fender washers under the screw heads keep them from pulling through the plastic. Then cement on 8-in. lengths of end-capped pipe. These “hooks” are very strong.

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FH09SEP_501_51_078 garage wall of storage
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DIY Garage Storage Wall

For just a few hundred dollars you can re-create this storage system yourself in one weekend. This project covers about 16 ft. of wall space and offers a multitude of ways to organize your garage.

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corner garage storage

Rotating Corner Shelves

These shelves put a garage corner to maximum storage use. They spin on two lazy Susans, one on the bottom and one at the top (under the top shelf). They can’t tip because the top shelf is screwed to the wall.

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Keep Ladders Out of the Way

Hang ladders from the ceiling so they stay organized and don’t hog prime storage space. The rollers on this carriage let you easily slide in one end of the ladder, then the other. The materials are all inexpensive. Fasten the corner braces to ceiling joists with two-inch lag screws. Secure the ladder with an elastic cord so it can’t roll out and fall.
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pegboard storage wall

Pegboard Wall

In just two hours you can install a pegboard on a garage or workshop wall to create versatile, space-saving storage. Add a bin underneath and you’ll have a spot for all the odds and ends that cause clutter.

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pallet dolly moving joiner

Make a Pallet Dolly for Toting Big Tools

I had a truckload of lumber to transport from the truck down a long hallway to my shop, and I wasn’t looking forward to carrying it all by myself, an armload at a time. That’s when I noticed a pallet leaning up against the wall and had an idea.

I don’t own a pallet jack, but I did have a set of swiveling casters! After adding some reinforcement blocking to the pallet, I installed a 4-in. caster at each corner. It worked perfectly for hauling my entire load of lumber in one trip.

I’ve since kept my pallet dolly and use it frequently as my multipurpose heavy-stuff mover. — Keith Jones

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hose tool holder
Family Handyman

Old Hose Tool Holders

Cut an old hose into 7-in. pieces, slit them, and nail them to the wall to make good holders for handled tools in the garage.

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garage shelf
Family Handyman

Double-Duty Garage Storage Shelf

Floor space in most garages is hard to come by—so the best place to find storage space for garage shelves is overhead. You can make your own DIY shelves for the garage easily—go double-decker for twice the storage capacity.

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Family Handyman

Garden/Garage Tool Caddy

I had some leftover wood and plastic lattice from a fence I was building. Rather than toss the scraps, I decided to use them to build a caddy to organize my garden shovels, hoes and brooms. I installed casters, so it scoots easily into a corner of my garage. Works great! — Philip J. Gruber

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Fishing Rod Organizer pool noodles
Family Handyman

Pool Noodle Fishing Rod Storage

Fishing rods can be tricky to keep organized. If yours tend to get tangled, try this DIY garage storage solution with a pool noodle and PVC pipe. It keeps fishing rods neatly lined up and ready to go. Don’t forget to check out our collection of the best garage storage solutions.

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