Keep Your Wheelbarrow in Track with this DIY Rack

Updated: Jun. 20, 2023

Tired of your wheelbarrow taking up space on your garage floor? Learn how to make this simple three step wheelbarrow rack project.

FH04MAR_03251_008 wheelbarrow storage rack hookFamily Handyman

Wheelbarrow rack

Hang your wheelbarrow on the garage wall to free up floor space.

FH04MAR_03251_006 mending plates wheel barrow rackFamily Handyman

Center a 2-ft. 1×4 across two studs, 2 ft. above the floor. Tack it into place, then drive 3-in. screws through metal mending plates and the 1×4, into the studs. Leave about 3/4 in. of the plate sticking above the 1×4 to catch the rim. Rest the wheelbarrow on the 1×4 as shown, and mark the studs 1 in. above the wheelbarrow bucket for your wheelbarrow hanger.

FH04MAR_03251_00 ceiling hook wheelbarrow rackFamily Handyman

Drill pilot holes and screw ceiling hooks into the studs. Twist the hooks so they catch on the wheelbarrow lip and hold it in place.