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22 Brainy Ways to Use Dryer Sheets at Home

Who knew dryer sheets had so many uses beyond making laundry smell fresh and feel soft? Here are 22 ways to use dryer sheets to keep all sorts of things smelling fresh, plus how to use used dryer sheets to make cleaning tasks easier.

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The Family Handyman

Shop Dusters

You can see much more clearly when you’re sawing and sanding if you first rub your plastic safety glasses and face shields with a used fabric softener sheet, which makes wood dust a lot less clingy. The key is to use a sheet that’s been through a drying cycle. It’ll be gentler and less laden with softener. Thanks to Family Handyman writer Travis Larson for this demystifying tip.

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Sticky StuffPen Ka Pat/Shutterstock

Sticky Stuff

Tree sap is notoriously sticky and difficult to remove, but the solution to freeing yourself of this nuisance is actually in your laundry room. Remove sap more easily with dryer sheets than with normal wipes. For a fool-proof way to get tree sap off vinyl siding, plus 12 more cleaning secrets, check out this collection of tips.
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Camping GearMaridav/Shutterstock

Camping Gear

To ward off unpleasant odors, tuck several dryer sheets in with your sleeping bag, tent and hiking boots before you store them. Could you use a shelf in your garage to stow camping gear? This one is super-sturdy and provides 150 square feet of storage space! Full plans included.
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Bugs On a Caravtk/Shutterstock

Bugs On a Car

A wet dryer sheet works well to remove bugs stuck to your windshield and the front grille of your vehicle. To get your whole car clean, check out these 14 tips.
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Toilet Paper Roll

Toilet Paper Roll

A sneaky way to keep the bathroom smelling fresh is to fold up a dryer sheet and stuff it inside the cardboard toilet paper roll. Every time someone spins the roll, the scent is dispersed! When you've got a broken toilet, here's everything you need to know to fix it yourself. Plus: You've got to check out these clever toilet paper and bathroom reading material storage hacks!
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Because dryer sheets are all about eliminating static cling, used ones work very well as dust cloths, especially on electronics and mini blinds. If you need to install or replace mini blinds, here's how to do it.
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Gently buff off water spots on chrome surfaces with a slightly dampened used dryer sheet. Got a kitchen faucet that's not just dirty but needs replacing? Here's how to do it yourself.
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Smelly BooksKirsten Hinte/Shutterstock

Smelly Books

If you're not a fan of that old-book (musty) smell, dust them off with a dryer sheet. If the book isn't a treasured antique, you can use a new dryer sheet as a bookmark or just place a sheet inside the cover to keep the book smelling sweet. Need quick and easy shelves for your books? These box shelves are inexpensive, simple-to-build and versatile.
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swiffer dryer sheet cleaner

Floor Dusting Cloths

Company is coming and you’re all out of disposable floor dusting pads. Solution? Grab a used dryer sheet, install it on the sweeper and say goodbye to those dust bunnies.

When you pull out the vacuum for serious cleaning, check the filter. If it’s dirty, here’s how to change it.

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Keep Linens FreshMichael Kraus/Shutterstock

Keep Linens Fresh

When you fold sheets and pillowcases, tuck a new dryer sheet in between the folds and your sheets and pillowcases will be lightly scented when you put them on your bed. If you don't have a laundry chute and wish you did, here's how to install one.
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Gym BagArt_Photo/Shutterstock

Gym Bag

Damp (sweaty) workout gear and clothes can make a gym bag really stink. Put dryer sheets in your gym bag to absorb foul odors and keep your bag (and your workout gear) smelling fresh. If you wish you had storage lockers at home for all of your exercise gear, check out these build-them-yourself mudroom lockers.
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Freshen Shoes and Boots Myimagine/Shutterstock

Freshen Shoes and Boots

If you (or someone who lives with you) has sweaty feet, get in the habit of placing dryer sheets into shoes and boots when they're not being worn. This helps keep your closet or under-bed shoe storage box fresh. This unusual off-the-floor shoe storage rack eliminates the shoe pile at the door.
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Garbage CansDaisy Daisy/Shutterstock

Garbage Cans

If your garbage can has a lingering, unpleasant scent, line it with dryer sheets. The sheets absorb odors (and leaks). If it's your washing machine that stinks, here's how to eliminate the odor.
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Burned-On FoodsFamily Handyman

Burned-On Foods

Getting burnt food off cookware is no easy feat. But here's a clever trick: put a new dryer sheet at the bottom of the dirty pan, add water and let it soak overnight. The next day, wipe out the pan and you're good to go. Once all of your pots and pans are sparkly clean, you can build these helpful rollouts to keep everything organized.
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Pet HairY Photo Studio/Shutterstock

Pet Hair

We love our pets but dealing with pet hair is tedious. If you see clumps of unshed hair on your pet, use a dryer sheet to gently remove them and avoid the mess altogether. If you see hair on the floor, a used dryer sheet works well to dust and grab the whole mess. And as we all know, hair is not the only cleaning problem you face when you have a pet. Here are 14 cleaning tips every cat and dog owner should know.
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Soap ScumTashatuvango/Shutterstock

Soap Scum

Got a scummed-up glass shower door or tile? Take a used dryer sheet, get it damp and use it to rub away the scum.
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Annoyed by static cling in your hair and clothes? Gently rub a dryer sheet over your hair and clothes to calm down that irritating cling. Not enough room to store all of your clothes? These 11 ideas will help.
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Dry SpillsFlotsam/Shutterstock

Dry Spills

Spilled flour (or sawdust) is frustrating to clean up. Next time you have a dry powdery spill, grab a dryer sheet and use it to quickly and easily clean up the mess. Does a dusty workshop keep you from doing projects? Here are 11 ways to keep a workshop neat and tidy.
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Air Vents and FansOak_stockphoto/Shutterstock

Air Vents and Fans

To freshen indoor air, place a dryer sheet inside your cold air return vent or allow air from a box fan to flow through a dryer sheet. Make sure the air in your car is fresh by changing the air filter. It only takes a few minutes. Here's how.
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Sand Jne Valokuvaus/Shutterstock


Remove beach sand from your skin easily with a quick wipe with a dryer sheet. Baby powder also works well to remove sand. No place to store your beach toys? You can make handy bins with these instructions.
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Protecting Delicate Objects

Protecting Delicate Objects

Save used dryer sheets and use them to wrap up seasonal décor for storage. The sheets protect fragile items and keep the contents of the storage box smelling fresh. This collection of tips has more great ways to take the hassle out of storing seasonal decorations.
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Rinse and Dry Oven Racks

To clean baked-on grime off oven racks, put them in the bathtub with some dish detergent and just enough water to cover them. Then spread a layer of dry sheets over the racks and let them soak overnight. By morning all the grime should have loosened, and rubbing a scrub sponge or even the wet dryer sheets over the racks will remove the buildup easily. Drain the tub, and use the showerhead to give the racks a good rinse. Dry and they’re ready to go back into the clean oven. Plus: 50 crazy-cool things you never knew you could do with toothpaste.