12 Fun DIY Mitten Drying Racks

Updated: Dec. 19, 2023

Winter can be a struggle. Not only is there all the salting and shoveling, but you need to find a place to store and dry all that winter gear every time you come in the house. Here are 12 fun DIY mitten drying racks to try this season.

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tray drying rack

Tray Rack

This DIYer turned an old tray into a clever glove and mitten drying rack. Use some painters tape to create and paint your own design on the rack that will match the rest of your storage area for an outstanding DIY drying rack.

Photo: Courtesy of Our House Now a Home

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Cans on Rack

Empty Can Rack

Before you throw those empty soup cans in the recycling bin, try using them as a drying and storage unit. This DIY drying rack system uses cans that are cleaned out then screwed onto a piece of wood. When mittens are wet, drape them over the cans, then when they are dry they can be shoved in the cans for storage.

Photo: Courtesy of Projectophile

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Rack to dry mittens and shoes

Mitten and Shoe Rack

You can build your own mitten and shoe dryer with some scrap wood and galvanized wire. Have lots of little ones in your family? Make this DIY drying rack longer to accommodate all those mittens and boots.

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Hanging rack

Hanging Rack

Get clever in your entryway, mudroom or laundry room and use the space above to dry those mittens, hats and scarfs. This clever DIY drying rack uses an old crib spring, but a hanging pot rack, bicycle wheel or even a ladder would work.

Photo: Courtesy of A Diamond in the Stuff

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Clothespin Rack

Clothespin Rack

This simple DIY drying rack uses scrap wood and clothespins to hang mittens and gloves for drying. Hang the rack with some picture hanging wire.

Photo: Courtesy of Sadie Seasongoods

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Closet Clothespin Rack

Closet Glove Rack

Use the back of a door to hang items to dry and keep them organized. Just use some aluminum wire and clothespins strung between screw eyes.

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Wooden Boot and Mitten Rack

Wooden Boot and Mitten Rack

Here’s an easy woodworking project. Make a wooden boot organizer and add a couple extra pegs to prop up mittens to dry.

Photo: Courtesy of By Stephanie Lynn

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Magazine Door Rack

Magazine Door Rack

This hanging magazine basket is used on the back of a door. Store dry mittens in the top two bins and use the bottom bin as a drying area. You can add some clothespins to pin up the mittens so they have even more space to dry out.

Photo: Courtesy of Me, Myself & DIY

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PVC Drying Rack

PVC Drying Rack

This PVC mitten/glove dryer utilizes the heat from the floor vent. The racks are made from a 6-inch piece of PVC, a wire hanger, some electrical tape and glue. For the full instructions, visit revrider.net.

Photo: Courtesy of Rev Rider

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Branch Rack

Branch Rack

If you have a coat rack, why not use an arm (or in this case a branch) for your mittens? This DIY coat rack is made from tree branches. Just add a couple extra “hooks” for a drying area for your mittens and gloves.

Photo: Courtesy of Kept

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Mittens on chains

Mitten Chain Rack

Let your mittens dry and keep them organized with this idea from paintermommy.com. Pick up a couple plastic chains from the dollar store, add some colored clips and hang this DIY rack in your mudroom.

Photo: Courtesy of Painter Mommy

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Hanging Drying Rack
Family Handyman

Instant Drying Rack

If you don’t have an area near the door large enough to store and dry all that gear, try using an instant drying rack in your laundry area. Use it to not only hang mittens and other wet winter gear, but other items you don’t want to throw in the dryer.