Before and After Spray Paint Photos That Will Blow You Away

Updated: Apr. 10, 2024

Looking for an easy DIY project? You won't believe these before-and-after spray paint photos!

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Make Old Car Seats Look Brand New

Did you know that you could spray paint your old leather car seats to make them look fresh and new? One Amazon reviewer gave his car a fast and easy, but jaw-dropping, makeover using ColorBond BMW Cream Beige LVP Leather, Vinyl & Hard Plastic Refinisher Spray. “Don’t Hesitate. The end result has exceeded my expectations.”

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Create a Dazzling Door Handle

Even changing the look of a door handle or knob can make a room feel more up to date. One Amazon customer used two different spray paints on old brass hardware to give it a fresh, modern aesthetic. “Scuff and smoothed old handle with ultra-fine Scotchbrite, cleaned with rubbing alcohol. Two light coats of Rustoleum black primer a few minutes apart, and then finished with the Oil Rubbed Bronze. Give it a day to dry and looks fantastic!”

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Make a Dresser Look New

Why buy a new dresser when you can save money by spray painting your old one? One Amazon reviewer said that she only needed two cans of Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Multi Purpose Spray Paint in Flat White to transform her old dresser. “It dried very fast. I am very pleased with this product. It made furniture look expensive!”

If you’re interested in learning how to whitewash wood, try one of these easy techniques.

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Quickly Transform a Chair

Looking for an afternoon DIY project? Want a dramatic change? All you need is Krylon Fusion All-in-One Spray Paint. An Amazon reviewer shared that they were able to “[Turn] this old school chair into a sleek chair in 30 minutes.” If you end up over spraying, then here are a few tips to remove spray paint.

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Fix Up a Tired Fixture

A few coats of rose gold spray paint, such as Krylon COLORmaxx, is a simple way to turn an old, dated light fixture into a chic, trendy accent piece. “Beautiful color, perfect rosegold!” notes one fan on Amazon. “I used it to spray paint my light fixtures and a trash bag dispenser. It sprayed an even coat, perfect coverage! I am desperately looking for more stuff to spray paint with it because it’s so easy and pretty!”

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Paint, Don’t Replace Those Old Countertops

Does your countertop look dated but you don’t want to spend time and money replacing it? Try painting it with Rust-Oleum Stone Creations! “This worked wonderfully to cover up those outdated countertops in a 1970s kitchen in a house we recently purchased,” writes one fan on Amazon. “It was also incredibly easy to use. I did not add any primer to the counters, I did not sand my counters. I just cleaned it with regular dish soap and water. I let it dry for 30 minutes and then I sprayed 2 layers of this stuff. After the first layer, I waited 6 hours to spray again. That was it.”

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Go Camo

Create a unique custom design using Rust-Oleum Specialty Camouflage Spray Pack. Each box contains all the colors you need to get this look. One Amazon reviewer transformed an old boat, sharing that he was very satisfied with the price and quality. “Recommend to anyone looking to paint something camo.”

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Paint, Don’t Replace Your Microwave

Did you know that you can spray paint appliances? One Amazon reviewer painted their microwave with Rust-Oleum Appliance Enamel. “My white microwave worked very well and I wanted to match the microwave to my refrigerator. I did not want to wait until the microwave stopped working because it is fully functional. It only required one paint coat and I am extremely happy with the results.”

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Transform a Table

Even beginners can use spray paint, such as Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint Spray, to fix up an old table, according to one Amazon reviewer. “My first attempt at a DIY transformation and I am glad I gave these a chance! This chalk spray paint was an immediate winner against a pair of outdated honey Oak side tables.” Here are 14 other cool coffee table ideas for you to check out.

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Transform Fireplace Doors

Why buy new doors for your fireplace when can you spray paint the ones you have and save money? One enthusiastic Amazon customer who used Krylon High Heat spray paint said, “I feel like I should have done this [a long] time ago! My fireplace looks brand new!”