10 Before and After Power Washing Photos That are So Satisfying

There's nothing quite like power washing a grimy surface and uncovering the beauty beneath.

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Power Washing a Building

Power washing seems to have a magical hold over people. There is even a sub-Reddit page dedicated to power washing where users upload videos of themselves cleaning things with power washers and there are more than 750,000 followers. You can see in this picture the difference a power washer can make when it comes to cleaning. If you think your house is dirty, you’ll want to learn these tips on how to power wash a house.

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Power Washing a Deck

Power washing a deck can be pretty satisfying, and it’s necessary if you plan on refreshing your deck.

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Removing Grime From a Deck

Your deck periodically needs attention and that means cleaning it with a power washer. These tips will renew your deck in a jiffy and make it look brand new.

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Roof Cleaning

You can easily see how dirty this clay tile roof got through the years and the magical cleaning powers of a power washer. The part of the roof that has been cleaned looks practically new. It’s important to know that you shouldn’t power wash your roof if you have asphalt shingles and you shouldn’t power wash any of these things either.

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Brick Work

Weather and dirt will beat up any kind of brick paths you have at home but you can power wash them to clean up around the house. Make sure you keep your power washer in tip-top shape with these power washer maintenance tips.

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Power Clean a Deck With a Power Washer

Watching a deck get clean with a power washer is pretty awesome as you can see with this deck as it gets cleaned. But power washers aren’t just great for cleaning wood and bricks, check out these awesome ways you can use a power washer.

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Watch the Dirt Disappear

This deck is pretty dirty and filled with dirt but you can see how effective a power washer can be in removing dirt and grime. Plus, it’s pretty fun to watch it get clean. Here’s how you can use a power washer to get a wood fence clean.

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Dirty Deck

Perhaps some of the fascination with watch power washers clean is in the symmetry in which it can clean. Also, there is an element of instant gratification involved with power washing. Power washing is great on concrete driveways and help remove rust stains.

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Cleaning Concrete

You can see how big the stains are on this concrete sidewalk and what a little power washing can do to remove stains. These tips make using a power washer a breeze.

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Getting Crevices Clean

Power washers make cleaning grooves and crevices easy because they reach places that are otherwise tough to clean. Plus, power washers work quickly.