9 Special Effect Paint Rollers You Have to See

Whether you're looking for a short cut or a creative technique, you'll love these fun paint roller effects.

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Subway Tile

If you’re going for a sleek design but aren’t sure you want to invest in the real deal just yet, why not try your hand at faux subway tile? This paint roller will give you the look without fully committing (and will save you a pretty penny too). The pattern roller is completely washable and fully reusable for as many times as you want!

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Photo: Courtesy of Maison Blanche Paint Company

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Grazing Deer

This adorable design would make a great addition to a nursery or kids room, or even in the mud room of a rustic lakehouse. With Rollerwall’s paint rollers, which are six inches wide, the patterns applied must be used with the Rollerwall Pattern Applicator, which is sold separately. Furthermore, the pattern can be applied using any latex paint, and any color you choose!

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Fields of Flowers

This floral print is on the subtle side, making it great for a bathroom. You could even just do one wall in a bigger space, like a bedroom. It’s great for light-filled spaces that could use a dainty complement that mimics the outdoors.

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Photo: Courtesy of Rollerwall

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Zig Zag

You’d think a zig zag pattern on a wall could be dizzying, but this paint roller design almost looks 3-D in a very chic way . It’s a great way to add a textured look to your walls when things feel a bit flat.

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Photo: Courtesy of Maison Blanche Paint Company

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Dual-Roller Decorative Painting System

Want to get more painted in a fraction of the time? Opt for a dual-roller system. This option, with its decorative effect, can create unique color and textures on your walls too! Here’s how the system works.

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Organic Groove

What’s cool about these paint roller patterns is that you have some freedom when it comes to application. For instance, to create this organic groove design as a positive application, apply the paint to the surface. But if you want a negative application, roll the pattern through any type of plaster material.

Photo: Courtesy of ArtisticPaintingCo

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Rose Pattern

This beautiful rose pattern, as with the other options on this list, can be applied to more than just a wall. You have the option of rolling it on furniture, cabinets, the ceiling and even fabric.

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Photo: Courtesy of Craftamma

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Marble Pattern

Woolie prides itself on being the original paint roller in the game of creative roll-on designs. The brand says to make this marble pattern, you don’t need a new base coat before you roll on. Work it directly on builder’s flat paint or a primer coat, applying between two to six colors in one coat as opposed to in layers. The Woolie tool allows you to get professional-looking edges, corners and ceiling lines.

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Photo: Courtesy of The Woolie

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Wood Pattern

If you have a small room where the carpet needs to go, go ahead and rip it out and paint the floor to look like wood. It’s a great way to upgrade on a budget. Plus, it’s extremely easy to do and looks so much better than a stained carpet.

Photo: Courtesy of TINTON LIFE

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