8 Basement Ceiling Ideas

Transform an unfinished basement with these beautiful (and affordable!) basement ceiling ideas.

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Black Ceiling Tiles Courtesy @homewithkrissy Via Instagram
Courtesy @homewithkrissy/Instagram

Black Ceiling Tiles

For her basement media room, @homewithkrissy added ceiling tiles to make the space look more polished.

The beautiful drop-down tiles from Ceilume are simple to install. Plus, the tiles easily pop out when you need to access the wiring, plumbing and HVAC vents concealed in the ceiling. The black tiles provide a nice contrast to the walls and make the space feel cozy.

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Wood Slats Courtesy @heatherkellyrealtor Via Instagram
Courtesy @heatherkellyrealtor/Instagram

Wood Slats

This wood plank ceiling captured by @heatherkellyrealtor and designed by @fjco.home adds warmth and modern architectural detail to the all-white basement. The boards conceal the rafters and wiring, but if you need to access something in the ceiling, simply unscrew a couple of boards. For a different look, stain or paint the slats before installation. If you have an unappealing ceiling, you can cover it with wood look planks.

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White Ceiling Tiles Courtesy @farmtotablecreations Via Instagram
Courtesy @farmtotablecreations/Instagram

White Ceiling Tiles

Here’s another basement project using Ceilume ceiling tiles, but @farmtotablecreations opted for white. A white ceiling can make a dark basement feel brighter and avoid the confining feeling of a low-height ceiling.

Lightweight vinyl plastic ceiling tiles like these are popular because they’re easy to clean, waterproof, mold and mildew resistant, Class A rated for fire safety and recyclable.

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Paint Walls And Ceiling The Same Color Courtesy @mrstracygeorge Via Instagram
Courtesy @mrstracygeorge/Instagram

Paint Walls and Ceiling the Same Color

Painting a basement ceiling the same color as the walls creates a moody and dramatic space. Plus, it makes the room feel larger. Here’s everything you need to know about soundproofing a basement ceiling.

Without any contrast between the walls and the ceiling, there’s less emphasis on the height of the room, giving the illusion of more space. Be sure to choose a color that isn’t too dark because that could have the opposite effect.

For a similar look to this mossy green basement guest room by @mrstracygeorge, try Artichoke by Sherwin Williams.

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Led Theater Ceiling Courtesy @finishedbasementsnj Via Instagram
Courtesy @finishedbasementsnj/Instagram

LED Theater Ceiling

For a basement theater, a ceiling with LED lighting fits well with the cozy and secluded vibe. In this basement by @finishedbasementsnj you can see how the height of the ceiling accommodates the movie projector without impeding the view of the screen. You can easily install color-changing LED strip lights yourself for a similar effect.

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Black Ceiling Courtesy @amystormandco Via Instagram
Courtesy @amystormandco/Instagram

Make a Statement

Your basement doesn’t have to be bland. Add bold black accents, like @amystormandco did, to make a statement.

The ceiling, one accent wall, the doors and even the baseboards are all painted black in this basement entry space. The semi-flush chandelier (here’s a similar light) cranks up the drama even more and adds a glamorous focal point.

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Beadboard Ceiling Courtesy @oldtownhome Via Instagram For Digital Only
Courtesy @oldtownhome/Instagram

Beadboard Ceiling

Rather than cover the floor joists in their historic home, @oldtownhome cleaned up the wood and left them exposed to add character and texture to their basement laundry room. Then they filled the space between the joists with 1/4-in. tongue and groove beadboard.

The white beadboard provides a beautiful contrast to the natural wood, and helps the room feel finished without losing ceiling height.

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Painted Exposed Ceiling Courtesy @matrixhomesolutions Via Instagram
Courtesy @matrixhomesolutions/Instagram

Painted Exposed Ceiling

Paint an exposed basement ceiling to give your space a modern, industrial look, like this example from @matrixhomesolutions.

You can save money by doing it yourself. All you need is a sprayer and latex paint in your chosen color. Use a flat finish because a gloss will reflect light off the various shapes and surfaces, making the ceiling distracting.

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