10 Ideas for Stylish Basement Stairs

Transform dark and dreary basement stairs into a beautiful and useful feature in your home with these basement stair ideas.

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Indoor Atrium Via @rzinteriors Instagram
courtesy @rzinteriors_/instagram

Indoor Atrium

Cheer up your basement with an indoor atrium at the base of the stairs. This idea from @rzinteriors_ is simple but impactful, creating an unexpected feature in a space that’s usually wasted. You can also discover creative uses of space under the stairs!

If your basement receives natural light, you can install low-maintenance live plants like zz plant or pothos. If your thumb is more black than green, display several faux plants for the same effect.

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Paint The Risers Via @happyhivedesign Instagram
courtesy @happyhivedesign/instagram

Paint the Risers

Paint the risers of basement stairs a rainbow of colors for a fun, easygoing look. These pastel stairs by @happyhivedesign transform a once-bland stairwell into a colorful pathway.

If pastels don’t appeal to you, try neutrals, dark to light for an ombre effect. Or use a stencil to add a pleasing pattern.

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Intentional Storage Via @loithai Instagram
courtesy @loithai/instagram

Intentional Storage

The empty space under the stairs can easily become a creepy, messy dumping ground. This solution from @loithai is the perfect example of intentional storage design. The open shelving holds serveware, and the niche fits a slim refrigerator — great for guests or extra drinks. The open design avoids over-stuffing the shelves with forgotten items.

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Stair Runner Via @allisonbuterainteriordesign Instagram
courtesy @allisonbuterainteriordesign/instagram

Stair Runner

A stair runner offers color and pattern to your basement stairs, along with traction and protection from damage.

This white and navy graphic stair runner from @allisonbuterainteriordesign brings a punchy element to the all-white space. Choose nylon or wool carpet for the best durability and stain resistance. Note: Low pile carpet doesn’t wear as fast as high pile.

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Custom Cabinets Via @dustydudewoodworks Instagram
courtesy @dustydudewoodworks/instagram

Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinets turn an awkward unused area into efficient storage. These from @dustydudewoodworks take advantage of every inch of space while featuring shelves and pull-out drawers for easy access. It’s a great spot for games, holiday decor or whatever you choose to store there. It stays hidden away, keeping the overall basement clean and organized.

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W Series Under The Stairs Wine Rack Kit Ecomm Etsy.com
via merchant

DIY Wine Storage

Dark and cool basements offer ideal conditions for storing wine. To that end, check out this clever Under the Stairs Wine Rack Kit. Racking heights follow the slope of typical basement stair so you can make your own sophisticated wine wall.

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Under Stairs Playhouse Via @blacksuburbanfarmhouse Instagram
courtesy @blacksuburbanfarmhouse/instagram

Under Stairs Playhouse

The area under the basement stairs is a perfect spot for a playhouse, and your kids will love their own secret hideaway.

The entry to this adorable saloon playhouse from @blacksuburbanfarmhouse goes adjacent to the stairs, and the interior wraps around to the nook underneath. The saloon theme and barn wood siding tie in with the rustic decor of the rest of the basement.

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13 Pieces Solid Wood Wall Mount Photo Frame Set Ecomm Etsy.com
via merchant

Stairway Gallery Wall

Decorate your basement stairs with a gallery wall filled with art or family photos. Arranging the frames to flow up the wall can be challenging, which is why we love this staircase picture frame set. It comes with the frames, artwork and a template you attach to the wall to provide the perfect arrangement.

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Diy Storage Drawers Fh21djf 607 54 104
Family Handyman

DIY Storage Drawers

Here’s another smart storage idea. These three pullout drawers feature concealed push latches for a clean look. You can store everything from shoes to coats and backpacks, or customize the design for just the type of storage you need. Here’s how to build your own.

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Stair Slide Ecomm Stairslide.com
via merchant

Stair Slide

This basement stairs idea might not be a storage or decor solution, but we have to admit it’s super fun. Transform your basement stairs into a kids’ playground with the Original StairSlide. This is a great way to keep kids entertained and away from screens!

Each section covers three stairs, and you can overlap multiple sections to cover a taller flight of stairs. Rubber grips on the bottom keep the slide in place. When playtime is over, they stack up for easy storage.

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