Using Wood Look Planks to Cover an Unappealing Ceiling

Updated: Apr. 22, 2024

If your ceiling detracts from your home’s appeal – hide it! Utilize a wood look plank ceiling to achieve a light yet versatile look and cover up that mess.

Your room could have a knockout view of the Atlantic ocean and designer furnishings – but it wouldn’t matter if your ceiling is unappealing.

Armstrong WoodHaven finished ceiling
Armstrong WoodHaven damage

Stained tiles, outdated 2 x 4-ft. drop ceilings or textured “popcorn” ceilings can detract from any room’s appearance. That’s because the ceiling is the biggest visual expanse in a room. It’s like a big, blank fifth wall that frames the entire space.

The good news? You can easily redeem an unattractive ceiling – without messy repairs or an arduous removal process.

Pass on the Drywall and Popcorn Ceilings

Installing wood-look planks beats replacing damaged drywall ceilings by a long shot. Cutting out the affected drywall and then replacing it with sheets that average 50 lbs. each can be an arduous process.

And don’t forget the finishing work after you’ve attached the drywall to the ceiling joists – covering screw heads, taping, sanding, priming and painting.

What about removing that dusty cliché of a popcorn ceiling? It’s messy and slow – but it can be done by one person. First, you’ll need to remove all the texture (hand scraping) before covering it with a new layer of drywall. Or hire it out, if you’re willing to spend money on a contractor.

Keep in mind that if your popcorn ceiling was applied before 1979, it may contain asbestos and lead – creating a serious health hazard if the finish becomes airborne.

Armstrong WoodHaven old
Armstrong WoodHaven new

Select the Easier Option

Light, versatile WoodHaven™ ceiling planks install right over a popcorn or textured, plaster ceiling, and can even cover an existing drop ceiling – completely hiding it. The planks are perfect for decorating damaged or plain drywall ceilings. These medium-density fiberboard, wood-look planks are prefinished for a far easier fix than repair or replacement.

DIYers will find WoodHaven planks a three-step snap to install using the Easy-Up® installation system. First, attach the Easy Up® tracks directly on to the ceiling, perpendicular to the ceiling joists. Second, snap the clips on the track. Third, position the tongue and groove planks snugly and slide the clip into place–and voila!

If you have an existing 15/16-in. suspended ceiling grid, you can easily replace old ceiling tiles for wood-look ceiling planks. Just snap the Easy Up® clips onto the existing grid and position the planks as needed.

Armstrong WoodHaven installation

Design Transformation

If covering up your ceiling is starting to sound like a saner solution, welcome to the world of wood-look, surface-mount ceilings. Wood patterns have unique aesthetic appeal because of their texture, warmth and natural beauty – the WoodHaven™ line captures this beauty perfectly.

Armstrong® WoodHaven™planks are available in an array of printed or textured finish options – including casual country looks like rustic pine or natural cherry. Other finishes include classics like crisp whites and beadboard and ones that capture the softness of weathered reclaimed wood or beach driftwood.

Most ceilings can be transformed in a weekend – with stunning results.

Armstrong WoodHaven results