15 Tools Made Specifically for Lefties

Updated: Jun. 12, 2024

Finally! Check out these amazing tools for the workshop and kitchen made for left-handed people.

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Left-Handed Paring Knife

This paring knife is sharpened on the right-hand side of the blade to allow lefties a straight, accurate cut. A paring knife can be one of the most used items in the kitchen and for a lefty, this would be a tremendous help.

Here’s a good tutorial on sharpening a blade on a knife so it won’t get bent.

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Left-Handed Hoe

The blade of this garden hoe is angled for lefties. This garden hoe will make gardening a little easier, just like these tips. 

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Left-Handed Garden Pruner

Just like a lot of cutting tools, few seem to have the lefty in mind. These garden pruners do, though, and life will seem better with them, just like these tips to make gardening easier.

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Tape Measure

It can be kind of hard for a lefty to maneuver around a tape measure because the numbers will appear out of place. Lefty’s solved that problem with a tape measure that stands up for lefties.

Make sure you know these measuring hacks next time you’re working on something in your home or workshop.

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Measuring Cup

The beef with measuring cups through the years is lefties were always left looking at metric unit levels on a measuring cup. This measuring cup solves that issue.

Find the right place for everything in the kitchen with these clever storage tips.

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Utility Knife

A utility knife can come in handy for a number of scenarios around the house. They’re not as handy for lefties. The button on this utility knife is located on the right side so it’s easy for a lefty to use. Ever wonder what the best way is to dispose of old razor blades?

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Left-Handed Corkscrew and Can Opener

Going in a clockwise motion is an awkward movement for lefty when it comes to using can openers and corkscrews. These two items take care of those issues because they’re designed specifically for lefties.

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Left-Handed Kitchen Utensils

Lefty’s eliminates the problem of using a wrong-handed oven mitt, along with several other kitchen issues with this kit. The spatula, perforated spoon and other tools will smooth things out in the kitchen.

Take a look at these kitchen storage hacks you never thought of before.

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Left-Handed Peeler

Peelers don’t really work well for lefties because they must peel away from them in order to make a peeler work. But a left-handed peeler can make the work go faster and make less of a mess.

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Left-Handed Kitchen Knife

A left-handed kitchen knife can be a lifesaver for a lefty. Sure you can just sharpen both sides of a blade with some knives but others, like serrated knives, are tougher. Find a place for your knives with a knife block.

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Left-Handed Occidental Leather Tool Bag

That’s right, there are left-handed tool bags out there, you just have to look a little harder for them. Why not find something where you can put everything closer to your dominant hand if you’re left handed? You just need to figure out how to organize a tool belt.

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Left-Handed Circular Saw

Circular saws get a little tougher for lefties to operate but there are some left-handed models out there.

We can show you how to make perfect cuts with a circular saw.

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These chisels are designed to be held like a pencil and any lefty can tell you about the differences in handling a writing utensil. Check out how to use a wood chisel for some help.

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Left-Handed Angled Weeder

Curved to the right, this angled weeder is made specifically for lefty gardeners. Check out the tips that will keep your garden tools sharp.

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Left-Handed Rotating Grass Blade Trimmer

The rotating grass blade trimmer is actually designed for lefties and righties alike. It rotates so users of either hand can position it as they need it while they’re trimming edges and places close to the house. Stop weeds from appearing in the lawn with these tips.