10 Tools and Products Made in America

Updated: May 02, 2023

From a screwdriver set to engineered hardwood flooring, here are 10 made-in-America tools and products for DIY home improvement.

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Chapman Standard and Metric 24 Bit Allen Hex Screwdriver Set

Since 1936, Chapman has been making quality tools, from American-made materials, in Durham, CT. Their tools are known for their quality and interchangeability. And, according to their website, they support, “American made machinery tool and die makers, fabricators, metal finishers, machine part manufacturers and other local service providers.”

This Standard and Metric 24-Bit Screwdriver Set is highly rated on Amazon, with one reviewer saying:

“What a great set of screwdrivers! One of the best parts of this set is its compactness. The case is well thought out, and everything is easy to get to. I’ve owned other screwdriver and bit sets, and they are usually large affairs, making them take up a lot of workspace, and a lot of space in the toolbag/box. The pieces of the set are high quality. The bits aren’t your typical 1/4″ bits. In fact, I hemmed and hawed over whether to spend $100+ [this price is for the 57-piece set] on this, but had no doubts once I opened the case and saw the bits. Like the case, they are well thought out and engineered. This is a tool that will get handed down many times.” Keep these tools and gadgets on hand to handle large and small emergencies.

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Wilcox Trowels

Founded in 1968, Wilcox Digging Tools are made in the USA and are backed with a lifetime guarantee. The 10-inch trowel is made of heavy-duty 16-guage stainless steel, and features a sharp point that makes for easier digging in the garden. And, they say that some people keep one of these trowels in the kitchen and use it as an ice cream scoop!

One reviewer says,

“LOVE the Wilcox trowels. I’m incredibly frustrated with ‘rebuying’ things like tools. I don’t have that problem with Wilcox’s products. I have a trowel I purchased years ago from Wilcox that looks pretty much the same as it did then. The single piece construction makes it highly unlikely that I’ll ever bend or break the blade and the handle is tough as nails and easily replaced if it should get damaged in some sort of catastrophic gardening event.

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Empire Digital Box Level

Dating back to 1919, Empire has been delivering “a broad range of innovative solutions focused on layout applications with industry firsts such as the Monovial, the Torpedo Level, the Magnetic Level, and most recently eBAND™ vials.” The company is based in Mukwonago, WI where all of their products are proudly made.

With seven measuring modes and dust- and water-safe construction, the Empire Digital Box Level (shown here) is a perfect gift for any DIYer. This level is 16 inches long, has four power-save modes, surface grippers and a display that’s easy-to-read. Always on the lookout for bargains? Here are 20 Harbor Freight deals you don’t want to miss.

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Channellock Pliers

Channellock was founded way back in 1886 by blacksmith George B. DeArment, from Evansburg, PA., when he began hand-forging farrier’s tools in a small factory. Today, the reputable company, known for producing high-quality pliers in Meadville, Pa., is run by the fifth generation of the DeArment family.

The Griplock tongue and groove pliers feature a unique design, with the offset head providing plenty of leverage, even in tight or awkward spaces, and the jaw is capable of gripping round objects, such as pipes, better than traditional pliers. Plus, check out these 17 crazy U.S. inventions from DIYers, for DIYers.

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Leatherman Multi-Tool

Since 1983, Leatherman has been building and manufacturing all of its tools under one roof in Portland, OR.

Also referred to as “The Wave,” this Leatherman multi-tool features 18 useful gadgets. It’s a solid stand-in for a big toolbox.

Amazon reviewers LOVE it, with one person saying,

“I do maintenance and literally would drive back home if I forgot this tool. The Leatherman is the absolute best Super tool. I got the Wave Plus and I use it at least twenty times a day.” Also be sure to check out these 5 pocket tools to have on hand.

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Geier Gloves

For more than 70 years, Geier Glove Company has been producing driving and work gloves in Washington state. These American-made work gloves from Geier are made of a heavy-weight elk skin. The external stitching on the inner fingers, along with a fully welted thumb, reduce chafing, while the snap-back button closure keeps the gloves secure while you work.

“These elk skin gloves [are] the most durable I have used,” says a reviewer. “I trim and remove trees so the rough abrasive nature of tree bark wears out gloves quickly. I have found that these elk skin gloves last three times longer than other gloves, specifically cowhide gloves, making the higher initial price worth it.” Here are 5 gloves DIYers should always have on hand.

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Round House Bib Overalls

Since 1903 Round House has been producing bib overalls in America. “Our award-winning American workers make every bib overall with the features, ruggedness and quality only Made in USA can provide.” These heavy-duty duck overalls are made to withstand even the most intense of work activities.

“Great to buy a product still made in USA! Fit just like my Carhartt bibs that used to be made here in the US. I expect them to wear just as long if not longer than the overpriced imitation duck bibs I used to buy. My friends all wear Roundhouse bibs and all of them praise your products!” says an Amazon reviewer.

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Benjamin Moore Paint

Founder Benjamin Moore started his paint company in 1883 “in Brooklyn, New York, with one product, ‘Moore’s Prepared Calsom Finish,’ and a commitment to sell its paints through independent retailers.” And Benjamin Moore paint is still made in America to this day.

One of their products, Studio Finishes Acrylic Glaze is a superior quality water-based acrylic glaze that’s great for adding depth to faux finish projects.

“I use this product in my artist studio to make thin glazes for my artwork. It has fantastic blending ability and is very stable. I’ve used it to make dozens of different colors of glaze which stay viable (in a covered container) for long periods. Highly recommended,” says a reviewer. Plus, check out these 10 interior house painting tips for the perfect paint job.

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Gorilla Glue

Proudly made in the U.S.A., Gorilla Glue polyurethane adhesives were first sold to consumers in 1999. Based in Sharonville, Ohio, the company now also makes an entire line of products, including tapes, epoxies and other adhesives.

Try the brand’s super glue gel, which is versatile enough to bond plastic, wood, metal, ceramic, rubber, leather, paper and more.

“This is a great glue,” says a reviewer. “The gel keeps it from getting everywhere. Other super glues are very ‘watery’ and run all over the place. This glue goes down where you put it. I generally apply it with a toothpick. The cap is awesome, with a little metal pin that keeps the nozzle from gluing shut.”

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Shaw Floors EPIC Plus

Headquartered in Dalton, GA, Shaw Floors got its start in 1946. The company now produces everything from hardwood floors to vinyl, laminate, tile, stone and carpet. Shaw’s engineered hardwood flooring, called EPIC Plus, is made in America of wood harvested from well-managed forests. Lay this hardwood floor, start to finish, in one weekend.