My Space Feels Super Secure, Thanks to the Chamberlain myQ Smart Garage Control

Updated: Feb. 01, 2024

The Chamberlain myQ smart garage control allows me to conveniently open and close my garage from anywhere.

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Have you ever left your house in a hurry, driven a few blocks and then wondered, “Did I close the garage door?” Or worse, have you ever returned home after a long day to find you left the garage door wide open? An open garage door will cost you in heating and cooling bills, but most importantly, it’s a big security risk.

While I admit fault to leaving my own garage door open on occasion, my garage remote is also equally to blame. It chooses to act up during extreme Arizona temperatures, failing to communicate with the opener to do its job. So you can imagine my excitement when I got my hands on the Chamberlain myQ smart garage opener. This top-rated smart home device allows me to secure my garage door from anywhere in the world. But the best part? I was able to set it up myself in a matter of minutes.

What is the Chamberlain myQ?

A smart garage door opener, like the Chamberlain myQ smart garage hub, can be an absolute game changer. And over 67,100 Amazon shoppers agree, giving the product an impressive five-star rating. Similar to smart home devices that operate lights or control the thermostat, the Chamberlain myQ allows you to control your garage door from your phone—even when you’re not at home.

In addition to serving as a convenient, back-up garage remote (because let’s be honest, those things can be finnicky), the smart garage control offers peace of mind that your home and belongings are protected. It’s as easy as opening the myQ app and pressing a button, and real-time notifications alert you any time your door opens, closes or is left open by accident. You can also schedule autonomous garage door operation, or provide access to friends and family without being present.

And no need to worry, the myQ smart garage control doesn’t override your existing garage opening devices or keypad—it just gives you added convenience and control over your garage. All you need is an outlet in your garage to plug in the hub, a smart phone for the app and a Wi-Fi connection. It’s also important to confirm that you have a compatible garage opener (most brands of garage door openers manufactured after 1993 are compatible, but you’ll want to check the myQ compatability page to verify).

We Tried It

Chamberlain myQ Smart Garage Control

The Chamberlain myQ smart garage control allows you to conveniently open and close your garage door from anywhere.

Chamberlain myQ Features

The Chamberlain myQ smart garage control offers both convenience and added security for you and your belongings. Below are a few of the key features:

Smartphone Control

The myQ app allows your smartphone to act as a garage remote to open and close the door at the press of a button. You can also check the status of your garage while away from home to ensure it’s secure, as well as view garage access history. You can add two additional members of the household with their own remote by setting them up as a co-owner—all they need is a smartphone and the myQ app!

Real-Time Alerts

Receive real-time alerts whenever your garage opens, closes or is accidentally left open. If those accessing your garage are using the myQ app, you’ll be able to see who specifically it is. And if you have a high-traffic household and the alerts get to be too much, you can easily disable notifications from your phone at any time.

Guest Access

Have a dogsitter? Or maybe family in town for the weekend? You can securely provide guest access to up to five friends and family via the myQ app. This allows trusting guests to conveniently access your garage without needing your key or you being present. You can modify which guests have access or disable access at any time.

Daily Scheduling

For added peace of mind, you can pre-schedule specific times for your garage door to open and close each day.

Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery

Another cool feature? You can sync the hub with Amazon Key so delivered groceries and packages can be left securely in your garage. Amazon Prime members (in eligible area codes) can simply link their account to Amazon Key in the myQ app.

Capability to Control Second Garage Door

Have a second garage door? Not a problem. The Chamblerain myQ has the ability to open, close and monitor a second garage door with the purchase of a second sensor.

How We Tested It


Chamberlain Myq Smart Garage ControlNancy Snyder/Family Handyman

Smart technology products can be intimidating to set up, so I was pleasantly surprised and relieved at the simplicity and straightforwardness that came with unboxing and setting up the Chamberlain myQ smart garage control. The tiny package contained just five parts: the myQ hub, door sensor, power adapter, mounting plate and hardware.

The package provided a QR code for instructions, but there was no need—the myQ app walked me through everything. Simply download the free app to your smartphone and create an account. Setting it up was so incredibly quick and easy that I can honestly say the hardest part was simply locating an accessible plug in the garage that wasn’t blocked by boxes or bins (cue scheduling that much-needed garage organization day).

Chamberlain Myq Smart Garage Control Nancy Snyder/Family Handyman

After I plugged in the hub and mounted the sensor to the garage door with the two included adhesive strips, I connected the hub to Wi-Fi and paired it with the sensor. Again, the app waled me through every step of this process. It took me two tries to successfully pair the hub (which the app warned me might happen).

Next, I paired the hub to my LiftMaster garage door. Although the instructions say you may need a ladder for this step, I was pleasantly surprised to find that wasn’t the case, as I was able to access the ‘Learn’ button right from my LiftMaster wall controller. But depending on your garage door opener brand and model, you may need to grab a ladder to access the ceiling-mounted controller to complete this step.

Chamberlain Myq Smart Garage Control Nancy Snyder/Family Handyman

And voilà—I was able to open and close my garage door with just the press of a button!  The final step was mounting the hub to the wall with a drill and the included mounting hardware (although setting it on a work bench or table also works). I planned to spend the rest of my day basking in the glory of my unearned tech savviness.

Daily Use

 Chamberlain Myq Smart Garage ControlVIA IPHONE (2)

I’ve been using this garage controller for over a month and absolutely love the convenience it has brought to my life. I’m able to open and close my garage door from my smartphone with no issues, and can check the status of my garage at any time when I’m not home to ensure the door was shut properly.

I’ve also conveniently provided guest access to a friend so they could check on my dog when I had to head out unexpectedly for a long day. With the smart controller, there’s no need to be present, hide a key under the mat or plan ahead, you can simply open and close the door from anywhere, or securely provide access to friends and family at any time. And since I’m a dog owner, I actually prefer giving access to my home via the garage to ensure Fido doesn’t accidentally escape out the front door.

 Chamberlain Myq Smart Garage ControlVIA IPHONE, VIA MERCHANT

I love that the app sends notifications when the garage has been opened and closed. And for added peace of mind, I set up a notification alert if my garage has been left open for more than 10 minutes. While I have yet to test this out with Amazon deliveries, I look forward to doing so and updating my review (as there’s nothing worse than realizing a package delivery is scheduled when you’re out of town).


  • Quick and easy setup
  • Very inexpensive
  • Operates via smartphone app from anywhere in the world
  • Provides real-time notifications when door is open, closed or accidentally left open
  • Provide access to two additional co-owners and up to five guests
  • Automation scheduling available
  • Compatible with Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery (where available)
  • Doesn’t require a paid subscription (unless you want the in-car app feature)


  • Requires Wi-Fi signal in garage to operate
  • Doesn’t integrate with many smart home platforms


Does the myQ garage door opener require a subscription?

No, you do not need a subscription to use the Chamberlain myQ smart garage control. However, if you wish to use the in-car app feature and have a compatible vehicle, you’ll need to purchase a subscription, which runs about $45 per year.

Can myQ alert if a garage door is left open?

Yes, you can set this reminder in your notification preferences within the app. After a garage has opened and remained open for a certain period of time, you’ll receive an alert on your phone. While 10 minutes is the default time setting, you can adjust the time to be shorter or longer to suit your preference.

Chamberlain myQ Video Keypad (Not-Included)

 Chamberlain Myq Smart Garage Control Nancy Snyder/Family Handyman

I decided to test out the Chamberlain myQ smart garage door video keypad alongside the smart controller, as my current keypad is also frustratingly finnicky. Plus, I like that it features a 160-degree, wide-angle security camera for monitoring the driveway and garage entrance, providing real-time notifications when motion is detected.

Set-Up and Features

 Chamberlain Myq Smart Garage Control Nancy Snyder/Family Handyman

After setting up the myQ smart garage control, it was no surprise that the video keypad was also just as easy to pair and set up (although unlike the smart garage hub, I did require a ladder to access my ceiling-mounted garage opener). A drill was also required to mount the keypad to the outside stucco wall.

While it works just like a regular garage keypad, I now also have the ability to assign unique temporary codes to guests, dog sitters, a handyman or a cleaner—without having to share my own personal access code. Plus, an intercom feature on the keypad allows guests to contact my phone directly via the myQ app without needing my number (and without me needing to be there).

 Chamberlain Myq Smart Garage ControlVIA IPHONE (2)

This smart device is essentially a smart keypad, video and intercom system all in one, and nearly 20,000 Amazon buyers rated it five stars for its value and easy setup. While I also enjoy the added convenience and security this backup smart keypad security camera provides, there are a few important things to note.

Rechargeable Battery

For starters, the keypad runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, meaning you’ll not only need to charge it before using, but you’ll also need to remove and recharge the battery anytime it runs low. I’ve had my keypad installed for a little under a month, and the battery has about 60 percent of its charge left. (Other reviewers noted that their keypad needed to be recharged anywhere between two weeks and two months.)

While this isn’t a deal breaker, it might not be practical for property rentals or homes that you’re away from for extended periods of time. It could prove burdensome for older homeowners that may have difficulty unscrewing the keypad from the wall to access the battery. For convenience (and because the battery takes quite some time to fully recharge), reviewers recommend purchasing a backup battery.

Subscription Required for Video Storage

While you can access the livestream video at any time, you must purchase the myQ video storage plan subscription if you want to take advantage of accessing or storing any previously recorded video footage. That being said, they do give you a complimentary 30-day trial so you can enjoy all the extra benefits before deciding if the subscription is right for you. Again, this might not be a deal breaker, as you’ll still receive real-time notifications of motion detection, but you won’t be able to look back in time to review or save footage of any key events.

Video Detection Quality

While I’m still enjoying the free trial, I’ve noticed the camera is choosy on what it considers a notification-worthy “event.” For example, one day the camera detected motion when I left my house, but not when I returned. While the outdoor security camera provides quality footage, it can be a little spotty at times, and previous recordings of camera-detected motion often took time to load. But I never had any issues with accessing the livestream video in real-time.

 Chamberlain Myq Smart Garage ControlNancy Snyder/Family Handyman

The myQ Smart Garage Video Keypad is compatible with LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Craftsman and Access Master garage door openers installed after 1993 that use photoelectronic eyes—the garage door opener does not have to be myQ connected.

Shop the myQ Video Keypad Now

Final Verdict

The Chamberlain myQ smart garage control gets my vote. Not only does it take the place of my temperamental garage remote, it gives me added security and freedom in controlling my home from anywhere. Because you never know what life will throw your way, I can confidently say I still have yet to experience all of the convenience that the myQ smart control has to offer. Setup was incredibly fast and easy, the app is intuitive and user-friendly and the price point is inexpensive. I cannot recommend this product enough.

Where to Buy the Chamberlain myQ

You can pick up the Chamberlain myQ smart garage control at Amazon, the brand’s website, Walmart or Ace Hardware for under $22. You’re just a few clicks and a quick set-up away from peace of mind.

We Tried It

Chamberlain myQ Smart Garage Control

The Chamberlain myQ smart garage control allows you to conveniently open and close your garage door from anywhere.