The LG MoodUP Refrigerator Is Set to Be the Trendiest Appliance of 2023

Updated: Jan. 12, 2023

The LG MoodUP refrigerator is set to be our favorite kitchen appliance of 2023 with its color-changing features and Bluetooth integration.

If a colorful appliance and lighthearted energy are what you’re looking for when it comes to a refrigerator, then this is the refrigerator for you.

LG recently launched a line of color-changing mood refrigerators that are the feel-good appliances we need in 2023. The LG MoodUP refrigerator was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and we have a feeling it’s going to be everywhere this year.

What Is the LG MoodUP Refrigerator?

The LG MoodUP refrigerator is a smart fridge that offers engaging LED door panels that change colors with the quick click of a button. Yep, taking your fridge from a funky fuschia to a cool blue is as simple as using the LG ThinQ app on your phone, so you can change your LG MoodUP refrigerator color whenever you desire.

The entire concept for this fridge is that color impacts the mood of the room you’re in—and you can use that to create a space that feels authentic and calming to you.

What we love about the LG MoodUP refrigerator is how customizable it is—there are actually thousands of unique color combinations you can mix and match, so feel free to get creative and add some flair to your kitchen. The fridge’s top panels offer 22 options and the bottom set offers 18. If you’d rather start with a pre-designated color combination, there are preset themes.

And of course, if you want your fridge to go incognito as a traditional fridge, you can decide to turn off the color settings and put it into the classic LG Lux Gray or White mode. Plus, the color can be functional—this fridge will flash a color if you’ve left a door ajar, for instance. You can also decide to turn the upper right panel transparent to easily see what food you have inside, making trips to the grocery store a breeze. Unfortunately, it can’t help you with organizing your fridgeyet.

One of our other favorite features is that the LG MoodUP refrigerator is WiFi-enabled, and you can even sync it up with Bluetooth to seamlessly stream music. The best part? You can actually set up your LED doors to change color with the beat of your tunes, making it the most interactive music experience you’ve had in your kitchen yet.

When Can I Buy the LG MoodUP Refrigerator?

Though the LG MoodUP refrigerator isn’t available for purchase yet, it’s expected to hit the market in March or April 2023, so you won’t have to wait much longer to make it yours. Get ready to completely change the way you interact with your fridge with this addition to your kitchen that’s sure to bring all the good vibes!