Best Smart Refrigerators for 2024

If you're ready to purchase a smart refrigerator, here are some points to consider, along with a look at the best smart refrigerators on the market.

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Buying a Smart Refrigerator

If you’re shopping for a new home fridge, you’ve probably heard about smart refrigerators. These high-tech wonders are internet compatible. They can send you a message when the fridge door is left open, keep track of what food items you have on hand, and tell you when the milk is past its expiration date.

You’ll pay more — in some cases, a lot more than the cost of a regular fridge — but smart fridge devotees say the convenience and smart technology is worth it. Find out about the myriad features of these mega-fridges, and find the best smart refrigerator for your household based on user reviews.

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Best Smart Refrigerator All-Around

For bells and whistles at a mid-range price, consider this LG model with Instaview and Door-in-Door technology. Tap the door twice to take a look at what’s inside without opening it, or use the Door-In-Door feature to grab frequently used items — think cold drinks — while keeping cold air in. At the grocery store and can’t remember if you have eggs? No problem. Use the companion app to remotely survey your fridge’s contents. Smart appliance indeed!

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LG has tons of trendy appliances, like their latest LG moodup refrigerator.

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Best Budget Smart Fridge

There’s no question that smart refrigerators cost more than their “non-smart” counterparts. But this user-friendly LG model, priced around $1,700, won’t completely blow your appliance budget.

French doors and adjustable shelves mean you can configure it as needed and easily see all the fridge contents. This streamlined, energy-efficient model has a temperature sensor that adjusts interior temps as needed. So it’s not quite as “smart” as some of the pricier models, but it’s no dummy!

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Best Smart Fridge for Families

Samsung pretty much wrote the book on smart fridges, and their Family Hub Four-Door, French Door model remains the gold standard for busy households. A touchscreen connects family calendars, plays music, calls up recipes and acts as a digital bulletin board. Inside, the FlexZone feature lets you switch different quadrants of the fridge from cooling to freezing functions. All this “wow” factor costs around $4,000, though check for sales.

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Best Smart Refrigerator Splurge

Go big or go home. This luxury smart fridge from Dacor, the high-end brand from Samsung, is a whopping 24 cu. ft. — enough space for the cook who loves to entertain a crowd. Its WiFi system allows the user to operate it remotely and check contents. And here’s a feature we really love: It can be opened with a push, perfect when you come home laden with grocery bags.

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Most Convenient Smart Fridge

A refrigerator that dispenses coffee? Yes, please. This GE Profile model comes with a Keurig K-Cup brewing system, and you can program it via your smartphone to have hot water at the ready whenever you want. The TurboCool feature drops temperatures back down after frequent door openings — handy when the kids are home from school. Another nifty feature? The drop-down tray in the door, which tucks away when not in use.

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Best Smart Fridge for a Smaller Kitchen

Bigger isn’t always better, and a small kitchen shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the convenience of a smart fridge. This skinny model from the Bosch 800 series is 22 inches wide, with a capacity of 8.3 cu. ft. — just the right size for a city apartment. It offers HomeConnect wired technology, a door alarm and quick-cooling features for the freezer and fridge. Note that this model is customizable, meaning panels and door handles are sold separately.

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