The Family Handyman Approved Craftsman Crossline Laser Level Is a Valuable Addition to Your Toolbox

Thinking about picking up a laser level, but don't want to break the bank?  This Craftsman Crossline Laser Level may be the perfect addition to your DIY tool kit.

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Levels are essential tools, just like hammers and saws, and this has remained the case since the invention of the laser level in the 1980’s. A reliable and true line is always the goal, and the Craftsman Crossline laser level gives you that at a budget friendly price. 

What is the Craftsman Crossline Laser Level? 

The Craftsman Crossline laser level comes in a lipstick-red protective carrying case about the size of a hardcover novel. Inside you’ll find the laser level itself — a tidy 3-in. x 3-in. cube, along with the mount, a pair of AA batteries and a maintenance manual.

I’m impressed by the compact and lightweight size of the tool and its case. The single switch laser is straightforward to use, and the green cross-hair laser is bright and easily distinguishable to the eye.

How We Tested it 

First, I wanted to confirm the laser was plum and level. A 16-page guide on the Craftsman website walks you through how to confirm it, and this was!

Next, I tinkered with it in different conditions, inside and out. I measured the line width and accuracy from five, 15, 30 and 34 feet (the furthest distance between two walls in my World War II-era era bungalow). Finally, I put it to use hanging a pair of shelves and some artwork around the house. 

Performance Review


Overall, I found the Craftsman Crossline laser level a handy tool. These Craftsman levels come with green or red cross-hairs. While the green cross-hairs are much easier to see than the standard red, they’re also worse for the battery life.

The laser lines themselves are 1/8-inch wide at close range and slightly wider at any distance past 30 feet. The tool performed well at all my indoor tasks but was difficult to see outdoors, even at close range in cloudy conditions.  

The included mount leaves something to be desired. Though it can spin 360 degrees, the vertical adjustment — most critical with a self-leveling laser — is less than three inches and difficult to micro-adjust. Fortunately, there are 1/4-20 inserts on all four sides for mounting the laser. So if you have an old photography tripod laying around, it will easily thread onto the head-stock and can be adjusted without hassle.


Terrific. For less than $110, this tool is a bargain for indoor tasks like framing basement walls, installing cabinets & shelves, laying out tile or flooring, or hanging photos.

Reliability and Durability

Self-leveling lasers are delicate measuring instruments. A pendulum and internal magnet work together to ensure a level reading regardless of the surrounding surface.

Though this tool includes a locking pendulum and robust molded plastic case, laser levels as a whole need to be transported with care. If you drop it or the tripod tips over, you’ll need to repeat the process to confirm its accuracy before trusting its cross-hairs again.  

Ease of Use

The Craftsman Crossline laser level is as user-friendly as they come. A single switch locks the pendulum, unlocks it for self-leveling or turns off the device completely. To use, simply find your desired height and flip the switch to unlock. The cross-hairs will level themselves!  

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Why You Should Buy the Craftsman Crossline Laser Level


  • Highly visible green laser;
  • Great for indoor projects;
  • Compact size;
  • Great price;
  • Foolproof operation.


  • Difficult to adjust included mount system;
  • Laser hard to see outdoors.

Its compact size and budget price tag make the Craftsman Crossline laser level a terrific addition for any homeowner, or a contractor who only needs a laser level occasionally. It’s suitable and accurate for a long list of indoor projects, and comes with a Craftsman limited lifetime warranty and a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. 

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