This Tool is a Beginner Woodworker’s Best Friend

The easiest joining system out there that everyone from DIYers to professional cabinet makers adores.

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Every Maker’s Secret Weapon

This Kreg pocket hole jig ($40 at home centers) makes joinery simple for anyone who has an electric drill. It creates strong joints fast with no glue or mess. Just clamp the jig to the parts you’re joining, drill a couple of holes, then screw the parts together to get tight, strong joints every time. It works great for joining wood of nearly any size, type or dimension. Kreg offers a wide variety of accessories as well as more expensive rigs, but the Model R3 is all a home woodworker needs to build professional-grade furniture or cabinets.

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How To Use a Pocket Hole Jig

Step 1: Drill the Pocket Holes

Clamp the jig to one of the parts and drill the pocket holes. Kreg includes a collared stepped drill bit that will create the pocket and a clearance hole.

Step 2: Fasten the Parts Together

Glue and clamp the pocket hole board to the other part. Fasten with washer-head screws. The washer-head will bring the parts together creating a tight joint. Wipe any squeeze out with a damp rag.

Step 3: Fill Holes, if Desired

Cut short lengths of dowel the same diameter of the hole. Spread glue onto the dowels and cut the piece as flush as possible with a hand saw. Sand flush. Kreg offers solid-wood plugs (shown above) for this exact use, purchase them on Amazon right here.

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