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Top Rated Painting Tools on Amazon

Spiff up your home this summer by stocking up on top-rated and highly reviewed painting tools and accessories available on Amazon. Get your paint on!

Every editorial product is independently selected, though we may be compensated or receive an affiliate commission if you buy something through our links. Ratings and prices are accurate and items are in stock as of time of publication.

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Paintbrush Set

For great quality at a good price, the Bates Paintbrushes, four pack can tackle nearly every DIY trim painting or staining project around the house.

The set includes four synthetic-bristle brushes, three flat and one angled (cut in), ranging in size from 1-1/2-in. to three inches. All have durable solid wood handles and stainless-steel ferrule. These brushes are guaranteed long-lasting, and a four pack for less than $10 makes it easy to get started on your next DIY project.

Writes one Amazon reviewer: “I used these brushes for four different paint jobs, including latex and water-based stain, and have had excellent luck.”

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Hand-Held Roller Cup

Clean up smudges and scuffs around the house with the Bercom HANDy Roller Cup. This portable, hand-held combination bucket and tray makes touch-ups and small jobs quick and easy.

It holds up to a pint of paint or stain and can be used with a mini-roller (up to six inches) or a brush. Hold the cup by its comfortable handle or place it on a hard surface — its wide base keeps it from tipping over.

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Airless Sprayer

Take on big outdoor projects like staining a deck, or smaller indoor tasks such as varnishing an end table. The Wagner Spraytech Stain Sprayer does it all.

This HVLP (high volume low pressure) spray gun utilizes a two-stage, indoor/outdoor-rated air turbine to provide a fine finish on any surface. Adjust the spray pattern to horizontal, vertical or round. The variable flow trigger gives you just the right amount of coverage.

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Slip-Proof Drop Cloth

The CoverGrip Canvas Safety Drop Cloth is a real game-changer. Little rubberized dots on the underside keep it from slipping and sliding, especially on uncarpeted areas where footing can be particularly perilous. The heavy-duty tarp, which lays flat and stays firmly in place, comes in two weights and various sizes.

One Amazon reviewer, a house painter with 30-plus years of experience, writes: “Heavy enough to deal with most wind conditions, good grip on slick surfaces and very durable … If you think they seem a bit gimmicky, think again.”

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Painter’s Tape

Achieve ultra-sharp paint lines or cover areas where you don’t want paint. ScotchBlue Multi-Surface Painter’s Tape, with advanced edge-lock technology, beautifully seals paint out on lightly textured walls, as well as on trim, baseboards, tile and glass.

The crepe paper material with a medium adhesive can remain on surfaces for up to 28 days. Once removed, it leaves behind no damage or sticky residue. And, of course, its iconic bright blue color is hard to miss.

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Convertible Extension Pole

Wooster Brush Sherlock GT Convertible Extension Pole holds most threaded tools in place so they don’t twist and loosen while you’re working. Made of rugged yet featherweight fiberglass, the pole easily adjusts in six-inch increments with a thumb-touch, then locks firmly in place.

Writes one Amazon reviewer: “The [two- to four-foot] pole is `light’ enough that your arms aren’t wet noodles at the end of the day, from holding and using; especially if above your head doing a ceiling etc.”

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Step Stool With Safety Bar

Extend your reach and feel confident at a full stretch on the Little Giant Ladder Systems Jumbo Three-Step Stool with Safety Bar. The clever tool tray top cap serves as a convenient place for rags and small tools. A real space-saver, this versatile stool folds flat to tuck into the back of the closet, or in that space between the wall and the washing machine.

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All-In-One Hole Filler

Multi-use tools are incredible time-savers. And so it is with 3M High Strength Small Hole Repair, an all-in-one applicator that fills, smooths and sands nail/screw holes and nicks up to three inches in diameter. It dispenses a primer-enhanced spackling compound that won’t shrink, crack or sag, making interior or exterior repairs fast and easy.

One Amazon reviewer wrote, “Absolutely love this product! Completely repairs dings, damages and holes to drywall (that a landlord would charge $100+ for) in one product.”

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Four-Inch Putty Knife

Simple yet essential, the DEKEones Putty Knife belongs in every tool kit or workshop. The rust-proof, mirror-polished stainless-steel blade is sturdy yet flexible enough to bend without breaking. Use it when you spackle cracks and holes, or scrape off stickers or decals before repainting. The ergonomic comfort handle and large rubber grip let you work with minimal effort.

Writes one Amazon reviewer: “Used these to do several projects in my home. Great for scraping off old paint and for filling in holes!”

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Multi-Purpose Ladder

Want a ladder that can do virtually everything? Get yourself the Little Giant Ladder Velocity. There are so many things that make this ladder so popular.

The wheels make moving it around a cinch, and it converts to multiple positions: A-frame, extension, trestle-and-plank and even to 90 degrees for stairs. It supports up to 300 pounds and meets or exceeds all OSHA and ANSI workplace standards. Available in 13-, 17-, 22- and 26-foot heights. It’s a ladder you can’t do without.

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Bluetooth Color-Matcher

Smaller than a deck of cards, the ColorReader is an ultra-portable, Bluetooth color selection device that works with the ColorReader mobile app to precisely identify colors across multiple paint brands. Take the guesswork out of color-matching. This cool gadget quickly reads and matches the color of a vintage dresser or your favorite pair of shoes.

Writes one Amazon reviewer: “Really great little color eye! I am an interior designer so I use this regularly. The app is easy to use and I love the ability to save colors and file them by client.”

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Heat Gun

Why deal with toxic paint strippers when you can use the  Furno 700 Heat Gun instead? It’s a chemical-free way to remove paint, as well as loosen bolts, bend plastic or thaw frozen pipes. It’s good nearly everywhere directed heat would come in handy.

The point-and-shoot air gun has five speeds and a temperature range of 125 F to 1,300 F, displayed on the LCD screen. Adjust the temperature and fan setting or switch to the cool-down mode, all with the click of a button.

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Spray Paint Grip

The Rust-Oleum Standard Spray Grip keeps digits limber and hands clean. This easy slide-on grip turns most spray cans into spray guns, providing extra control for a more professional and uniform finish.

Writes one Amazon reviewer: “This attachment for paint spray cans has got to be the most exciting product that I have found for this purpose, well, EVER! I love to change the color of things; up until now, that meant a nasty, dirty job with me ending up with ‘paint spray can finger fatigue’ and paint all over my fingers.”

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Edging Tool

Cutting in has never been easier than it is with the HomeRight Quick Painter. This edging tool applies paint around baseboards, window trim, doors and ceilings. Just fill the handle with up to 4-1/4-ounces of paint to cover some 50 feet of wall space; you control the flow into the three-inch padded tip. No brush can do what this edger can!

“This is an absolute must if you have high ceilings!” writes one Amazon reviewer. “It saves you from going up and down the ladder and gives you the control and precision that you can’t get if you have some other tool on an extension rod.”

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Self-Leveling Line Laser

When you require straight, even lines, let the Skil Self-Leveling Line Laser accurately guide a range of DIY painting projects. Versatile and easy-to-use, it projects a bright red continuous line up to 65 feet at any angle. That’s ideal for creating a two-tone wainscoting effect or to plumb for painting horizontal stripes in a room. A USB charger and tripod are included.

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