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10 Things You Should Never Put in the Washing Machine

Some items can shrink in the washer, while others can be totally destroyed or even break your machine!

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Every Camper Needs to Know How To Use This Friction Hitch

The Prusik knot is sturdy, adjustable, and incredibly easy to tie.

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There’s a Right Way to Clean Your Sneakers — Here’s How

Contrary to popular belief, you can put your sneakers in the washing machine!

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Should You Ditch Your Shower Curtain?

Yes, you could renovate your entire bathroom, but there are other ways to achieve the sophistication of a doorless shower.

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How To Decorate Your House for Halloween

Consider this your complete guide to Halloween prep, including when, how and what to decorate.

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How to Remove Dryer Burn Marks from Clothes

Scorch marks from the dryer on your favorite piece of clothing? In many cases, you can still salvage it. Here's...

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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Dishwasher?

Common dishwasher mistakes may be costing you valuable time and money. Here's how to avoid them.

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Does the Viral Paper Bag Wasp Deterrent Trick Really Work?

Here's what experts really think about the popular TikTok hack.

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How Do Paint Colors Get Their Names?

We spoke to a color expert at Glidden to get to the bottom of this vibrant mystery.

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The Best Plant Identification Apps

If you've ever wondered which plants are growing in your backyard, these apps are for you.

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How to Safely Remove Ticks

There's a right way to remove a tick. (Hint: It doesn't involve any matches.)

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How Hot Is Too Hot for Camping?

There's more to consider than just the baseline temperature.

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How Does the Solar Panel Tax Credit Work?

The new incentive program makes solar energy more affordable than ever for property owners. Here's how to take advantage of...

What Is Living Apart Together, the Latest Cohabitation Trend?

As of 2022, almost 3% of American married couples are choosing to live separately. Here's why.

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Tile Countertops Are Making a Comeback

Don't panic. They're way chicer than their '90s counterparts.

Did You Know the Tune Your Washing Machine Plays Is a Real Song?

Next time you do your laundry, you can thank a classical composer for this catchy melody.

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What Do You Do If You and Your Partner Have Different Design Styles?

Congrats on moving in together! Now how do you decorate?

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10 Fast-Growing Flowers

You can enjoy beautiful blooms in as little as six weeks!

Hawaii Fires: What You Can Do to Help

Consider this your best-practices guide to supporting victims of this natural disaster.

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10 Surprising Uses for Windex

Contrary to popular belief, the common household cleaner is not just for glass.

5 Trending Bedroom Paint Colors for 2024

A fresh coat of paint is the first step in creating your ideal sanctuary!

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Should You Get Soundproof Curtains?

In the right design, size and color, they can be the key to a peaceful, quiet home.

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7 Favorite Sunflower Varieties for Fall

Autumn's favorite flower comes in dozens of delightful shapes and colors.

HELOC vs. Home Equity Loan: Which One Is Best For You?

Consider all your options before you take out that second mortgage.

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Make Your Own Built-In Bookshelves with This Easy IKEA Hack

Now you don't have to be a pro carpenter to get gorgeous shelves!

GAF Timberline Solar Energy Shingles Recalled Due to Fire Hazard

The affected shingles have been installed as part of larger home solar systems, so reach out to your contractor!

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What Is Backdrop Paint?

The trendy paint company has taken over the internet—but is it worth all the hype?

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7 Tips to Stay Safe in High Winds

Keep yourself, your loved ones and your property secure with these guidelines.