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Stop Throwing Away Your Old Christmas Lights. Here’s How to Recycle Them Instead.

Holiday lights aren't working anymore? Think twice before throwing them in the trash. Here's how to recycle old Christmas lights instead.

Floating Christmas Candles Are This Season’s Must-Have Home Decoration

These DIY floating Christmas candles are simpler than you think to replicate.

The Latest Trending Christmas Tree Color May Surprise You

Nothing says the holiday season like a vibrant red. Here's why red Christmas trees are becoming the "it" tree of...

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If You See an Extra Red-Tipped Bulb On Your Christmas Lights, This Is What It’s For

It turns out that the random red-tip lighbulb inside your Christmas light box isn't so random after all.

Half Christmas Trees Are the Perfect Way to Save Space This Holiday Season

People with small spaces rejoice! This half Christmas tree trend is a life-saver for those looking to save space.

The Simple Trick to Make Your Artificial Tree Look Fuller

This genius Christmas tree hack shows how you can use garland to make your artificial tree appear more full.

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This Zigzag Hack Will Make Your Christmas Tree Lights Look Extra Bright

This Christmas tree light hack will make it SO easy to give your tree beautiful, bright lights.

One in Ten People Experience Fire-Related Safety Issues with Their Christmas Tree, Says Survey

Stay safe this holiday season by following these easy Christmas tree fire safety tips.

People Are Making Giant Holiday Popcorn Garlands Out of Spray Foam and We’re Impressed

Follow these simple steps to create giant popcorn garland and add some festive flair to your home