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Check Out the Smart Bird Feeder That’ll Send You Selfies of Your Birds

Ever wanted to get a closer look at the birds that visit your feeder? The Bird Buddy smart camera feeder lets you do just that.

This Super Easy Gardening Hack Keeps Pests Away for Good

Did we mention it'll cost you under $20?

This Power Drill Gardening Hack Is the Easiest Way to Plant Bulbs

Want to save time and effort planting flower bulbs this year? We review a trending TikTok hack on how to...

You Can Prep Your Garden Super Quickly With This Cardboard Gardening Hack

One hour doing this can save you from an entire season of weeding!

If You See This Red Fuzzy Plant, This Is What It Is

These fun and funky flowers will add a big dose of personality to your springtime garden!

If You Love to Garden, You Need to Know This Hack for Keeping Your Hands Clean

Because no one wants to carry their garden soil around with them.

These Are the Best Cities for Plant Lovers, According to a Survey

Does your area rank as one of the best U.S. cities for plant lovers?

How Do You Compost With Black Soldier Fly Larvae?

These little critters may look gross, but they're gardening superheroes.

What Is Guerrilla Gardening?

The controversial activist practice is rooted in the fight for climate justice.

You Can Turn an Old File Cabinet Into a Flower Planter—Here’s How

Learn how to make a DIY flower planter with an old filing cabinet to take your patio to the next...

This Hack Will Instantly Elevate Your Fake House Plants

Your faux plants can look so much prettier! This TikToker shows you how to make fake plants look real with...

How to Grow a Cut Flower Garden

If you love farm-fresh bouquets of flowers in your home, why not try growing them yourself? It's easier than you...

How to Make an Eco-Friendly Succulent Yard

Save water and money with these charming, low-maintenance plants.

What Is Winter Sowing?

Using commonly recycled containers and a few hardy seeds, you can make your own mini greenhouses

If Your Indoor Plant Has Water Droplets On Its Leaves, This Is What It Means

Deciphering those drippy leaves is easier than you might think and reveals the secret to healthy, happy plants.

How to Keep Mums Alive Longer With a Simple Hack

You might think mums are only a fall flower, but you're mistaken. Discover how to keep mums alive longer through...