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John Deere Just Debuted an All-Electric Riding Lawn Mower

Looking for a new riding lawn mower? John Deere has just released the Z370R, a zero-turn electric riding lawn mower. Learn about it here.

How to Make Expensive-Looking Wall Art With a Bed Sheet

This clever DIY project will have you making the perfect abstract art piece for your home in a matter of...

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Grizzly Recalls More Than 21,000 Wood Lathes

Three models sold for almost two decades pose a risk of injury to users. Here's what to know.

Joanna Gaines’ Garden Cottage Looks So Incredibly Cozy

Cozy up in a small cottage with a book and a cup of tea? Yep, count us in!

How to Grow a Cut Flower Garden

If you love farm-fresh bouquets of flowers in your home, why not try growing them yourself? It's easier than you...

What Happens When Chip and Joanna Gaines Renovate a Castle

The latest restoration project from the HGTV stars is the historic Cottonland Castle in Waco, Texas.

Why Are There Holes in My Concrete Floor?

Have holes appeared in your home's concrete foundation floor? Here's why it may be happening and what you can do...

You Can Turn an Old File Cabinet Into a Flower Planter—Here’s How

Learn how to make a DIY flower planter with an old filing cabinet to take your patio to the next...

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This IKEA Bread Box Table Hack Is the Perfect Storage Solution

Interested in DIY upcycling projects? We reviewed a popular TikTok hack on using IKEA's bread boxes to build a bread...

Joanna Gaines’ Castle Bathroom and Laundry Room Makeover Is Insanely Gorgeous

Take a look at Joanna Gaines' gorgeous bathrooms and laundry room in the Waco, Texas, castle she recently renovated.

Costco Just Launched Its Own Kirkland-Branded Grill

Discover everything you need to know about Costco's new Kirkland grill—and everything there is to love about it.

How to Reverse Cabinet Doors for a Free DIY Kitchen Upgrade

Want to spruce up your kitchen cabinets in a way that's fast, easy, and nearly free? Check out this TikTok...

You Can Prep Your Garden Super Quickly With This Cardboard Gardening Hack

One hour doing this can save you from an entire season of weeding!

Hyundai Just Recalled Thousands of Sedans and SUVs

Hyundai has recently recalled over 65,000 sedans and SUVs because of a potential safety issue. Find out if your vehicle...

You’ll Never Guess What People Are Using This Home Depot Work Bench For

Tiktokers are bringing this DIY staple out of the garage and into the kitchen.

How to Paint a Front Door Without Removing It Off Its Hinges

Save time by painting a door on its hinges using this easy trick.

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There’s a Right Way to Set Your Air Conditioner—Here’s How

Protect your air conditioner, the power grid and our planet with these tips.

Why You Should Consider Blurring Out Your House On Google Maps

Deciding to blur out house on Google Maps is an effective way to protect your family's privacy. Here's how to...

This Pool Noodle Planter Hack Will Keep Your Plants Cool All Summer

Pool noodles help to keep us cool in the water during the summer heat. They can work wonders for your...

8 Backsplashes to Avoid, According to Interior Designers

Some materials are impractical for kitchen cleanliness, while others are decidedly off-trend.

The Top 11 Bathroom Trends of 2024, According to Interior Designers

Redoing your bathroom but don't know where to start? Check out the top bathroom trends of 2024.

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Maximalist Interior Design: Understanding the Key Elements

Move over, Marie Kondo: Make way for the more is more of maximalist style.

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Scott McGillivray Makes His Debut on At Home with Family Handyman on ‘Income Property’

Income Property is now available to stream for free in the US for the first time ever, exclusively on At...

How to Make a Fall Wreath

An expert explains her process for making beautiful, affordable fall decor.

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If You Want to Support Your Local Wildlife, Plant This

The humble milkweed feeds dozens of animals and insects, enriching your local ecosystem.

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The Right Way to Wash a Sweater

Never ruin a garment again!

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How to Overwinter Finicky Tropical Plants

That Venus fly trap isn't doomed, we promise!

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Why Painting Interior Doors Black Is Suddenly Chic

You see a red door and you want it painted black? You're not alone! Here's what to know about painting...

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Make Your Own Giant Christmas Light Decorations with This TikTok Hack

Light up the holidays with this fun and creative DIY project!

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10 Unusual Uses for Baby Oil

The common household item isn't just for babies!