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If Your Car Seats Are Stained, You Need This Dollar Tree Cleaning Hack

This TikTok Dollar Tree glass cleaner hack will save you money on car seat stain removal. It only costs about a dollar!

Hyundai and Kia Agree to $200 Million Settlement to Owners of Stolen Cars

Own a base model Kia or Hyundai? You may be eligible for financial compensation.

These Auto Makers Are Dropping AM Radio from Their New Models

Learn why certain automakers are removing AM radio from upcoming models, and which vehicles will be affected.

This State Just Banned the Sale of New Diesel Trucks

California lawmakers have announced that all new big-rig trucks sold in the state must be zero-emissions by 2036. Learn what...

The 10 Most—and Least—Recalled Vehicles

Wondering which car makes and models are most and least likely to be recalled? We examine and explain an analysis...

Do Electric Cars Have Catalytic Converters?

If you're curious about electric cars, you've probably wondered, "Do electric cars have catalytic converters?" Learn the answer here.

Car Thieves Are Hacking Into Headlights—Here’s What You Need to Know

Car thieves are always on the lookout for new methods, and one of their latest involves the headlights. Learn how...

Should You Clean Your Headlights with Lemon and Baking Soda?

Here's what I thought about this auto hack.

Hyundai Just Recalled Thousands of Sedans and SUVs

Hyundai has recently recalled over 65,000 sedans and SUVs because of a potential safety issue. Find out if your vehicle...

Nissan Recalls Thousands of SUVs: Could Yours Be One of Them?

The Nissan recall potentially affects over 700,000 SUVs in the United States. Find out if your car is included.

Tesla Just Recalled Thousands of Cars with Self-Driving Software

Learn all about the Tesla self-driving cars recall and how you can ensure your vehicle is road safe.

How Does the EV Tax Credit Work?

The new incentive program makes electric "clean" vehicles more affordable than ever for environmentally concerned buyers. Here's how to take...

Hyundai and Kia Are Giving Away Free Locks After Targeting By Car Thieves

Car thefts driven by social media made Hyundai and Kia an easy target. Now the brands are offering free steering-wheel...