Lawn Care

Learn the best ways to mow the lawn, take care of those pesky weeds and create the backyard of your dreams with these lawn care maintenance and repair tips.

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    Fall Is the Best Season for Reseeding Your Lawn

    No matter where you live in the U.S., learn the best time to reseed your lawn and how to do...

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    When You Can Officially Stop Cutting Your Lawn

    Learn when the proper time is for you to quit mowing your lawn. It might be later than you think....

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    Filling Yard Holes Dug by Pets

    Dogs that like to dig can destroy your yard. Here's how to fix the mess they leave behind.

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    What Is Lawn Aeration and When Do I Do It?

    Lawn aeration is one of the most important lawn maintenance tasks you can perform, but most homeowners fail to do...

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    Should You Use Winter Fertilizer?

    As you wrap up your lawncare tasks for the year, consider a final application of fertilizer to get your lawn...

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    What Plants Should Gardeners Water Before Winter?

    Protect your perennials, trees and shrubs from winter damage and dehydration with these expert gardening tips.

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    How, When and Why to Overseed Your Lawn

    Overseeding your tired grass can give it a much-needed facelift. Think of it as a software update for your lawn.

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    7 Ways to Prepare Your Lawn for the Fall

    Learn the best ways to prep your lawn for fall.

    14 Quick and Simple Yard Maintenance Things to Do in October

    Tackle these outdoor tasks in October so you don't get behind with fall yard maintenance.

    12 Ways to Prep Your Lawn and Garden for Fall

    Make your life easier in the spring by being proactive in the fall. Check out these tips for getting your...

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    What Makes Grass Yellow and How Do I Fix It?

    If you're seeing patches of yellow grass in your otherwise lush green lawn, here's what might be happening and how...

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    How to Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades

    It's easy when you know what you're doing!

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    8 Leaf Blowers We Love

    Shopping for a leaf blower? Here's a rundown of top picks for a wide assortment of needs, including something for...

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    How to Build a Backyard Ring Toss Game

    Your whole family will love this fun yard game.

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    Leaf Blower Buying Guide for 2020

    Tired of raking leaves and sweeping grass clippings? It may be time to consider a leaf blower!

    50 Crucial Fall Maintenance Tasks You Should Never Forget

    You'll definitely regret skipping over any of these important home maintenance tasks this fall.

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    6 Best Lawn Fertilizers for Any Type of Grass

    There are many lawn fertilizers out there to choose from and it can get confusing. Want to sift through the...

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    What Is Grass Rust and How Do I Get Rid of It?

    Have you noticed a yellowish-orange patina overtaking your lawn during these late days of summer? It's most likely common grass...

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    The Best Grass Seed for Any Lawn

    Learn how to choose the right type of grass seed, plus some top options for all kinds of lawns.

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    When Is the Best Time to Water My Grass?

    Tired of unclear answers to your straightforward questions? Here's some straight talk that will get you the most perfectly watered...

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    Get Those Deep Lawn and Garden Deals at Amazon

    These products from Amazon’s summer sale are perfect for your outdoor space.

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    6 Best Smart Sprinkler Controllers

    No matter your budget, yard size or watering system, there's a smart sprinkler controller that will help you save water,...

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    What to Know About Smart Sprinklers

    Save money and water with a sprinkler controller that connects with an app or smart assistant.

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    What Is Chickweed and How Do I Get Rid of It?

    One of the most common types of weeds found in grass is chickweed. It's a nuisance, but getting rid of...

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    Why You Should Consider Planting a Clover Lawn

    Easy-to-grow clover is a beautiful and sustainable alternative to a traditional turf grass lawn. Here's what you need to know.

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    How (and Why) to Purposely Kill Your Grass

    If your lawn looks completely hopeless, it might be time to start from scratch.

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    What Is Liquid Aeration for My Lawn?

    Liquid aeration is a convenient and effective alternative to traditional core aeration.