Lawn Care

Learn the best ways to mow the lawn, take care of those pesky weeds and create the backyard of your dreams with these lawn care maintenance and repair tips.

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    The Top 21 Grasses and How to ID Them (Plus Downloadable Chart)

    Get to know the most common turf grasses you'll see in lawns, ballfields and parks across the U.S., and discover which one would work best in your yard.

    Best Tick Repellents For Your Yard

    Worried about ticks? Don't be! Here are the best ways to get those tiny intrusive pests out of your yard.

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    What Are Lawn Grubs and How Do I Get Rid of Them?

    A few grub worms are no problem. A lot of grubs spell trouble for your yard. Learn how to spot,...

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    10 Lawn Pests That Can Cause Problems

    Spring brings showers, flowers and — unfortunately — many lawn pests. Here's a collection of the most common invaders you...

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    When and Where to Rent a Lawn Aerator

    Renting an aerator is a great way to ensure a healthier lawn. Here's a guide for picking the lawn aerator...

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    7 Best Lawn Fertilizers for Spring

    Your grass is coming out of a long winter slumber and may need a pick-me-up. Here are the best spring...

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    7 Best Organic Fertilizers for Your Lawn

    Organic fertilizer helps you attain a lush lawn and healthy soil without using harsh chemicals. Plus, it's safe for kids...

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    What Is Purslane Weed and How Do I Get Rid of It?

    The "comeback kid" of lawn weeds, purslane weed frustrates with its wily ability to bounce back just when you think...

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    What Is Quackgrass and How Do I Get Rid of It?

    Controlling and getting rid of quackgrass takes persistence, but it can be done. Here's how to kill the invasive perennial...

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    How To Get Rid of Creeping Charlie

    Brought to North America as an ornamental plant, creeping Charlie is now a rampant lawn weed that can quickly overrun...

    NALP Launches Climate Change Campaign for National Lawn Care Month

    Taking care of the environment starts with taking care of your lawn.

    The Home Depot Spring Sale 2021 Is Here

    Bring on spring savings with The Home Depot's sale!

    How to Make Solar-Powered House Numbers

    Your dinner guests will never miss your house again once you install these solar-powered house numbers.

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    How to Stop Mole Crickets From Damaging Your Lawn

    Mole crickets are one of the most destructive turf grass pests in the southeastern U.S. Here's how to send them...

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    Are Chinch Bugs Eating My Lawn?

    Despite their tiny size, chinch bugs can wreak havoc on your lawn. Here's how to spot an infestation and get...

    The Most Essential Products for New Homeowners

    From cleaning supplies to tools, here's a list of everything you'll need for your new home.

    Your Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

    When winter departs, it's time to check for damage and prepare for the hot weather ahead.

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    10 Best Ground Cover Plants

    These hardworking landscape plants make gorgeous ground covers, whether you want to fill in gaps or replace turf grass completely.

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    When Should I Fertilize My Lawn?

    The more you know, the more your grass will grow. Here are the best ways to maximize your lawn fertilization...

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    8 Best Lawn Dethatching Rakes and Tow-Behinds

    Eliminate problem thatch buildup in small or large yards with these top manual and tow-behind dethatching rakes.

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    Lawn Dethatchers: Our Best 8 Picks

    Looking for a rake or electric dethatcher? How about a simple attachment? Read on to learn about some of the...

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    What to Know About Solar Umbrellas

    Solar umbrellas offer convenient access to alternative energy and a nice shady spot on your patio. What's not to love?

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    Deals We Love: Cordless Leaf Blowers

    Two great leaf blowers from reputable manufacturers offered at reduced prices just in time for fall. What could be better?

    5 DIY Pool Floaties Your Dog Will Love

    If your dog is always whining to join you in the water, why not make them a DIY pool floatie...

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    Will a Pool Add Value to Your Home? Experts Weigh In

    A pool’s impact on your property value depends on these variables.

    10 Fun American Flag Facts

    Brush up on your flag knowledge with these fun American flag facts and historical notes.

    The Original Grill Pad

    The Original Grill Pad works to protect your deck surface, preserving the quality of your deck by preventing stains and...