Lawn Care

Learn the best ways to mow the lawn, take care of those pesky weeds and create the backyard of your dreams with these lawn care maintenance and repair tips.

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The 20 Ways You’re Doing the Wrong Thing for Your Lawn

Maintain your lawn by learning how to avoid common mistakes.

9 Home and Garden Tools That are Easy On Your Back

Caring for and maintaining your lawn and garden can be backbreaking work. Ease that pain with these ergonomic tools and...

Here’s Why You Need to Leave Grass Clippings On The Lawn

Gathering up those grass clippings has always been an integral part of the lawn care routine. But after looking at...

How to Get Nonslip Mower Treads

Retread old, bald lawn mower tires with a knobby bicycle tire for extra traction on hilly terrain.

Better Lawn Mower Traction

Climb hills better with this genius handy hint.

10 Lawn Ornaments You’ll Either Love or Hate

Flaming flamingos, grumpy gnomes and bumbling Bigfoot—check out this must-see collection of lawn ornaments some people would treasure and others...

The Ultimate Guide to a Weed-Free Landscape

Don't let your landscape get overtaken by weeds this season! We've got solutions for banishing even the most troublesome invaders,...

Make Classic Copper Plant Markers

See how to make classic plant markers

Lawn and Yard Maintenance and Gardening Tips

Yard maintenance: Our experts weigh in with their best tips ever about how to get a healthy and beautiful lawn...

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10 Lawn Care Myths You Really Need To Stop Believing

When to fertilize, when to water, how short to cut the grass. You've surely heard one or more of these...

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10 Awesome DIY Cabin Projects

Just because you're away from home doesn't mean you have to give up your home improvements! Here are 10 DIY...

Grass Seed Broadcaster

Plastic berry containers have more uses than simply keeping your fruit fresh. The holes in the bottom make them perfect...

10 Ornamental Grasses to Grow in Your Yard

Ornamental grass is beautiful, boisterous and bountiful. They're also easy to grow and pretty much deer- and drought-tolerant. Here are...

10 Fall Projects for Your Lawn and Garden

Taking a little time in the fall to do work in and around your lawn and garden can pay off...

Severe Weather Guide: How to tie big items down

You've probably seen the photos of plastic drinking straws driven into telephone poles during a hurricane. If high winds can...

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How to Correct Soil PH

Watch and learn

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What Is the Best Height to Cut Grass?

There is more to a healthy lawn than watering and fertilizing.

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How to Sharpen a Lawn Mower Blade

A sharp lawn mower blade will help keep your grass healthy.

How To Kill Weeds With Broadleaf Herbicide

Learn how to mix and apply concentrated broadleaf herbicide to eliminate pesky weeds in the yard.

Everything You Need for a Backyard Movie Theater

An outdoor movie night isn't just for a park or public lawn — you can create a DIY backyard movie...

Growing Lawn Grass: The Organic Approach

Grow your lawn grass organically and get the same results as a chemically treated lawn.

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Easy Lawn Care Tips

Get a greener, healthier lawn with less work!

Fix Lawn Spots

5 Remedies for your hurting turf

Cures for a Patchy Lawn

Prepare your lawn and enjoy a lush lawn every spring