Make Light Work of Yard Debris with the Sun Joe Chipper

Quickly turn branches and sticks into mulch with this affordable chipper/shredder!

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The affordable Sun Joe Chipper makes yard cleanup quicker by chopping yard debris into nutrient-rich mulch. With no gas mess or fumes, the electric Sun Joe Chipper is plug-and-play. The quick electric start button is hassle-free, and the attached wheels make mobility a breeze.

With the 16 to 1 reduction ratio, you’ll have suitable mulch to use in your garden beds in no time flat. Forget hauling debris to the dump; this eco-friendly tool reuses your trash!

From branches and twigs to pine cones and corn stalks, the Sun Joe Chipper shrinks your organic debris into a manageable pile of fine mulch to help your garden grow.

Family Handyman’s Digital Editor, Ethan O’Donnell, offered his expertise on the Sun Joe Chipper saying, “These types of chippers/shredders are ideal for homeowners who have many small sticks and twigs that fall on their lawns, or who want to shred leaves and utilize every square inch of their lawn bags.”

What is the Sun Joe Chipper?

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The Sun Joe Chipper/Shredder is an electric wood chipper with a 16 to 1 reduction ratio. This user-friendly electric chipper/shredder uses 14 amps and runs at 4300 rpm, which provides enough power to cut branches 1.5 inches in diameter.

The chipper’s housing is sturdy green plastic, which helps keep this unit lightweight and portable. And at 26 pounds, this machine moves easily with its large 6-inch wheels. The unit even has a paddle to safely push debris into the hopper while the steel blades chip the wood to bits.

Tree trimming and post storm clean-up go faster with the Sun Joe Chipper. This machine has replaceable blades that will keep your property tidy for years. Albeit, using the tool that comes with the machine to loosen the blades has been reported to strip the hex screws.

For safety, Sun Joe includes a locking knob for the drop-down hopper and a removable safety switch, as well as automatic overload protection. And users report that it is relatively quiet to operate, especially when compared to gas chippers.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy electric operation
  • No gas or fumes
  • Affordable price
  • 2-year warranty


  • Discharge shoot is low to the ground
  • Blade removal is difficult and strips easily

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How to Use the Sun Joe Chipper

To operate the Sun Joe Electric Chipper, ensure the safety switch is in the off position, then plug it in. Next, insert the lock key and turn it on. Only feed the machine as much material as it can handle to avoid jams. Hold the branches until the machine grabs them, being careful not to overload it, and continue feeding. 

The drier your debris, the easier it will be for the Sun Joe Chipper to eat. Check the clearance below the output chute as you continue to shred so the machine doesn’t get backed up. Letting the mulch collect on a tarp is an easy way to control the size of the pile, or move the shredder along the edges of your beds and spread it properly later.

The machine will automatically shut off if it gets clogged. Disconnect from the power and clear the chute. And as always, read the instruction manual and wear safety gear before operating your Sun Joe Chipper.

The Best Amazon User Reviews

With over 3000 ratings on Amazon, the Sun Joe Electric Chipper is popular with homeowners who want an easy and eco-friendly way to deal with their debris. 

“Exceptional for its cost,” writes verified Amazon customer, gtippitt.I am amazed that this little beast chews up almost anything I feed it, and it cost less to buy that I would have likely spent to rent a large chipper. It is slower and takes a bit longer than large chippers, but I didn’t feel rushed to work feverishly to get finished so I can return a rental to avoid being charged for another day.”

“Love it!” writes smaz, giving Sun Joe a five-star review. “Love my sunjoe. Works wonderfully and feels safe to use. Small and light enough to cart around and carry up and down the basement stairs. Though it doesn’t feel cheap and flimsy. It does take quite a long time to process a big pile of trimmings but it is worth it to return yard waste to my own garden and soil instead of taking it off the property.”

And Lisa B. says, “Works great! I wanted to clean up my backyard and decided instead of using the green bin I would mulch the leaves, branches etc. This worked great and I now have mulch for my garden.”

Where to Buy the Sun Joe Electric Chipper

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The Sun Joe Chipper is available on Amazon (with free Prime shipping!) as well as Home Depot, Lowes, Camping World, Walmart and Snow Joe

Imagine hauling 16 bags of debris to the curb or spreading one nice pile of (free!) mulch. Make the smart choice and pick up the Sun Joe Chipper today!

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