This Viral Video Shows You How to Edge Your Lawn with String

Updated: May 17, 2023

With this technique, a straight-edged lawn is just 15 minutes away!

Lawns require a lot of care. From repairing and reseeding to intense irrigation, there are dozens of upkeep tasks to keep your lawn happy. And while you could always tear it out and put in one of these eco-friendly lawn grass alternatives, that’s a massive undertaking.

Fortunately, people on TikTok love to share their tips for easy and approachable lawn care. One of our favorite tips this week comes from DadAdviceFromBo (@dadadvicefrombo). In his short video, he teaches viewers how to quickly and properly edge their lawn. Check it out for yourself below.

@dadadvicefromboDads 🤝 lawns. Even if you don’t have a yard yet, save this for when you do because it’s a quick and easy project to start off spring. Love, Dad♬ original sound – DadAdviceFromBo

How to Edge Your Lawn with String

In the video, Bo explains that he’s “straightening out th[e] line between the lawn and [his] wife’s flower bed.” To do so, he uses a spool of string and two spike nails. He first uses a measuring tape to mark out the distance of the edge on either side of the flower bed to ensure his lawn edge is even. Then, he drives the spike nails into the lawn to mark his measurements.

He attaches the end of the string to one spike nail and unspools it across the lawn edge to reach the other spike nail. He pulls it taut to create a perfectly straight line across his lawn edge, then uses a flathead shovel to cut the sod along the string line. He removes chunks of sod as he goes, resulting in a beautifully straight, sharp lawn edge.

More Lawn Edging Tips

If you’d like to try Bo’s string lawn edging technique for yourself, you can buy masonry string line on Amazon. If you’d rather not purchase more lawn equipment, you can also edge your lawn using a 2-by-6. And if you’d like to take your lawn edging a step further, we love these attractive lawn edging borders that delineate your lawn and garden using stone, brick or metal.